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So many students waste time trying to memorize English vocabulary.  They study long lists of vocabulary.  They repeat the lists many times, trying to memorize the English words and their translated meanings.
Research shows that 80% of vocabulary learned in this way is forgotten in less than a year.  That’s a lot of wasted time and effort.
There’s another problem with this vocabulary learning method– it’s boring and therefore it kills long term motivation.  Students must be very careful– killing your motivation is the worst thing you can do.  Learning English is a marathon, it’s a long run.   It requires high levels of motivation that are sustained for many years.
Using boring vocabulary learning methods, therefore, is doubly bad:  it is inefficient and it weakens motivation.
There is a better way.  It is possible to learn new vocabulary in a way that is far more powerful AND is a lot of fun.  When you learn in this way, you will remember 80% one year later!  That’s powerful.
The key to deep, powerful, long term vocabulary learning is movement.  When we combine strong physical movements with understandable new vocabulary, we create deep connections in our brains and bodies.  These connections are long term.  They last!
In my seminar, I taught a number of new words using strong actions.  The students shouted the new words with me, while simultaneously using the strong actions I showed them.  By the end of the lesson, they knew those words well.
But that’s not all.  Since Effortless English is a deep learning system, I repeated those new words again– this time in a Mini-Story.  Each time I used one of the new words in the story, I used the same physical movement we had been practicing.   Through the Mini-Story, the students got even more repetition of the vocabulary, with emotion and strong movements.
Finally, I gave the students homework:  download the audio of the same Mini-Story lesson, and listen to that audio every day for one week.
If the students do this, they will learn these new vocabulary words very deeply, and will remember them forever.   That is the power of the Effortless English system, and that is the power of using physical movement while learning!
- AJ Hoge, Effortless English Club


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Regular Effortless English lessons are in audio format that is  the most effective way of learning foreign language. Sometimes  however AJ Hoge, the author and teacher of Effortless English produce special video lessons in order to boost learning process of his students.

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Subconscious vs Conscious English Learning

Languages should be learned subconsciously, not consciously.   The research shows that subconscious learning of English is much better than consciously “studying” the language.
In countless studies, the result is always the same:   students who learn English subconsciously learn faster and better than students who use traditional, conscious, analytical study methods.
So, what exactly are subconscious methods and what are the traditional conscious methods?
Well, you already know the old conscious way of learning English.   You use your conscious brain to analyze English grammar, memorize English vocabulary, and translate English messages.   This is the method you used in school.   You consciously studied the mechanics of English, as if it was a car.  You cut up English with your mind and then studied the parts…. word by word,…  rule by rule.
The result, as you know, is that you know a lot about English grammar rules and translations– but you can’t speak well and you can’t understand native speakers.
Subconscious methods are more effective.   These methods provide understandable English input to your brain… and then your subconscious brain does all of the rest of the work.    Consciously, all you do is enjoy English stories, articles, conversations, movies, and novels.   You never think about grammar rules.  You never attempt to memorize words.
Of course, the Effortless English System is a subconscious learning system.   You learn grammar by listening to our crazy Mini-Stories.  We carefully repeat grammar patterns during the story… but you don’t think about any rules.  You just listen and enjoy the story consciously…  but subconsciously, your brain learns English grammar.
When you learn in this way, you can actually use the grammar too!  Your spoken and written English grammar will improve tremendously.   And it will be stress free.  It will feel automatic– you’ll just say things better and write things better and it will feel effortless.  You won’t be thinking about rules at all!
You must trust yourself.  So many students are afraid to use subconscious methods because they don’t trust their own brains.  They are afraid to relax and enjoy English learning.   They are afraid to let the learning happen naturally and effortlessly.  Unfortunately, these fearful students almost never learn to speak English well.
Don’t be one of those students.   Change your way of learning.  Learn English subconsciously and finally speak excellent English!
(Author: AJ Hoge)

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