How to be fluent English speaker?

Everyone who learn English wants to be fluent English speaker. Fluent speaking makes it easy to connect with native speakers, make foreign friends, participate in business meetings, understand movies and get better jobs.
Over one million adult students worldwide have used the Effortless English system to improve their English speaking. By using all parts of the system, you will improve your English speaking 2-5 times faster compared to other traditional English classes.
Fortunately few months ago I have started to learn with Effortless English and now my English is getting better very fast, and I hope to be fluent soon.
The Effortless English method refers to the specific teaching techniques. These techniques were developed from the top teachers and researchers in the world. When you follow the system exactly, you cannot fail. If you try Effortless English you will learn English in natural way, therefore you will learn faster and remember everything much longer than in any other learning method.
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Better learning method - better results

I have always wanted to speak English fluently. Few years ago I started to learn English for the first time. During about six months I managed to achieve basic level of English, then I gave up. It was very tough and overwhelming. All of this difficult grammar rules made me feel useless language learner. I thought that it was my fault and I have no ability to learn foreign language. Now I know that reason of this struggle was completely different. Problem is not in our ability to learn or in language difficulty, but in the method we use to learn English or other foreign language. Most of language schools use very outdated and artificial learning methods.
Have you ever thought why children learn languages so easily? Children learn language in natural way, mainly by listening and therefore they learn fast and keep what they learnt for long time.
Luckily few months ago I found new method of learning English that is based on scientific research and let you learn English naturally and very effective. What is even better this method is much cheaper than most other learning methods.
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Learn English fast and easily

Have you always wanted to speak English fluently and effortlessly?
Have you learnt English at school but even after few years you can't speak English?
I'd like to share great news with you today. Now you can!
With Effortless English you get fluency and confidence to communicate in English.
This new approach to learn English let you speak English well much more faster than traditional methods.
Forget about boring schools and their outdated methods.
Now you can learn real English fast and easily.
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Learn English effectively

To learn English most effectively, students must focus first on English conversation. In other words, students should first master the spoken language before they attempt to master the written language.
Too many learners attempt to do the opposite. They learn English with their eyes, using textbooks, grammar books, and classroom lectures as their primary means of study.

To master the spoken language, learners must spend most of their time listening to easy and understandable English conversation. That is the key to fluency, the key to speaking like a native speaker, the key to developing a clear accent. Listening activities should form 80% or more of an English learners study time.
Just listening is not enough- students must use a particular system of listening. First, they must listen to "easy" English. This means that learners should listen to material that they mostly understand. The general rule is that the student should understand 95% of what they hear.
Another important factor is deep listening. Deep listening means listening to the same material many, many times. By doing this, the learner absorbs the language into his or her subconscious, and is able to understand the material, and use it, instantly and effortlessly.
Finally, students should first focus on casual "real English conversation" before attempting formal speech or written English. This kind of English is full of slang, idioms, filler words, sentence fragments, and interruptions. Sadly, textbooks and classrooms never teach these vital components of real English speech. Yet, they are common and absolutely vital for understanding real native speakers and for having real conversations with them.
In summary, learning natural English conversation is the first, and most vital step to developing complete mastery of the English language.Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Allen_J_Hoge


How to speak English very fast?

How do you learn how to speak English very fast? Is it possible to make massive improvements in only 2-3 months? The answer is yes. But of course, to make massive improvements requires massive intensity and effort. So, how can you do it? How can you improve super-fast? What do I recommend for this kind of goal?
1. Obsession
The first and most important thing you need to achieve this goal is incredible passion. You must have tremendous emotional power to learn super-fast. Why? Because you must study English 8-14 hours a day and every hour you must be alert, interested, and energetic. To improve that quickly, you must build emotion. You must be obsessed with English. You must be passionate and incredibly enthusiastic. Remember, Emotion is 80% of success, method is only 20%.
To create passion, you need very compelling reasons to learn English. Just doing well on a test is not a strong enough reason. Just getting a new job is not a strong enough reason. You need HUGE reasons for doing this. Imagine all the incredible benefits you will have as a fluent English speaker. Imagine how your life will change 5 years from now. 10 years from now. 20 years from now. If you are motivated by money, imagine how English will make you amazingly rich. Visualize your dream house, your dream car, your dream life.
If love motivates you, imagine how English will help you meet incredible people from other countries. Imagine dating beautiful/handsome foreigners! Imagine incredible love and passion, possible because you are a fluent English speaker. You can also exaggerate the terrible things that will happen if you fail to speak English fluently. Imagine all the jobs you will miss. Imagine all the people you will never meet. Imagine how bad your life will be because you cannot speak English. Make your reasons bigger! Bigger reasons = Bigger Passion. Bigger Passion = Bigger Success. Emotions is the key. Make your emotion stronger! Become obsessed with English!
2. Massive Input
The second key to super-fast learning and incredible intensity is to focus on English INPUT. Do not waste time studying grammar or vocabulary. Do not waste time trying to speak. You should spend all of your time either listening or reading. This is the fastest and most efficient method for speaking English fluently.
Carry your iPod everywhere. Always have a book with you. Specifically, you should listen mostly to Mini-Story Lessons, Point of View Lessons, and Audio Articles. These are the most powerful kinds of lessons and will help you learn the fastest. You should read easy English novels, starting with novels for children. Absolutely do not waste time reading textbooks!
3. Massive Intensity
To be fluent in only 2-3 months, you must create massive intensity. In other words, you have to listen and read 8-14 hours a day, every day. You must listen constantly to English. You must read constantly. In fact, I recommend alternating the two activities. Listen for an hour, then read a novel for an hour. Then listen again for an hour. Then another hour of novel reading.
If you are really focused on speaking well, do more listening. But do not worry, reading will also help your speaking ability. So that is it. That is my simple method for very fast English fluency. Of course, most people do not need to improve so quickly. For most people, two hours a day of listening and reading is enough. But if you need or want to improve very quickly, follow this plan. Good luck!