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Effortless English Method  Review

This Effortless English review is written by the former Effortless English student. I have used Effortless English lessons and now I would like to share my experience with people who are looking for an objective information. I know how important is to find the right method of learning English. Without an effective material you can spend years learning English and still not be able to speak English well.
Effortless English method has become very popular on the internet among people who want to be fluent in English. The question is: Is it really that good? Continue to read to find an answer to this and many other questions.

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There are many reasons to have a proper knowledge of the English language, but the most crucial of all is to gain the ability to communicate with the rest of the world as a competent and competitive human being. Millions of students as well as professionals from all parts of the globe are attempting to master spoken as well as written English at any given time. While this is a noble goal, most people lack the proper tools to accomplish the task efficiently.

Effortless English lesson

As many are aware, there are hundreds of language training programs available today, which makes it infinitely harder for people to pick the best one. The Effortless English Method is a program that is designed to work for people of all ages and educational backgrounds, making it a great choice for learning this particular language.

Below is an in-depth review of what this method is all about, how it came about, how it works, and what results it can provide to people using the program. Also included are actual testimonials of students who used this program to improve their English skills, which should provide proof that this method actually works for a lot of people.

About The Author

AJ HogeThe creator of the Effortless English method, AJ Hoge, spent 15 years teaching English as a second language. His extensive teaching experience inspired him to create a program that would allow youngsters as well as adults to learn English in a speedy and effective manner. His goal was to eliminate as many of the learning roadblocks as possible in order to create an avenue that allows for fast and permanent results.

The Foundation and Teaching Principles

This program was created using only the best teaching methods combined with techniques that makes learning easy and fun. While AJ Hoge was a teacher for the better part of this adult life, the methods he employs in Effortless English do not fall under the category of traditional teaching techniques.
AJ Hoge recognize the need to make the system more adaptable to a wider range of users. After all, people's brains work differently, especially when it comes to learning languages.

The Tools and Lessons

The Effortless English Method is primarily made of audio lessons that have been carefully designed to guide users through the process of mastering spoken English. Each lesson discusses a specific element of the language that is important to learn in order to achieve fluency. These lessons come in mp3 format so they can be played back repeatedly until the information has been retained and the goal of the exercise has been effectively achieved.
Effortless Englisg CD Pack
There are different versions of the English Effortless Lessons. The very first of which was the Original Effortless English. This set included 4 different levels of difficulty, each of which containing various lessons that have a cumulative effect on the users' fluency. This version was comprised of 30 lessons that followed the same format (main article, mini-story, point of view, and commentary).
While the Original Effortless English proved to be quite effective, author AJ Hoge became convinced that there are many more improvements that he can come up with for the program, which he eventually did.  Therefore you can't buy Original Effortless English lessons anymore.

Power English lessonsThe recent version of Effortless English is called Power English, which is a more intensive program than its predecessor. Each of the 30 lessons included in this new program tackle a different aspect of the English language, but they all still follow the same format. The main article features important information that students (users) should know about speech. The mini - story and POV on the other hand contains practical techniques on learning grammar, which is very important in order to achieve fluency.
The lessons intend to not only teach people English but also inspire them to continue their search for excellence. The Power English Lessons are created to allow people to become not only fluent speakers but confident ones as well.

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What Things are Included in the Effortless English Package?


Power English Lessons

These are highly developed modules that use clever teaching techniques that you can never expect from a traditional classroom set-up. All the 30 lessons (in mp3 format) are found in one neat package, which you can use over and over again until you become a confident and fluent English speaker.
It is best to keep in mind that the Power English Lessons are updated versions of the Original Effortless English package so it is an entirely different product altogether. Many people who purchased the Original version decided to pick up the newer version and found the new materials to be even more helpful and inspiring.


Upon purchase of the package, customers also get 3 added bonus materials, all of which are designed to help them become better English speakers at a much faster rate. The bonuses are as follows:

Action Vocabulary Videos

Effortless English audio and video lessonsAuthor AJ Hoge is very much aware of the fact that some people just do not respond well to only audio lessons, which is why he included video lessons in the package to serve as information booster. These videos specifically tackle vocabulary skills, which need to be acquired in order to become a fluent English speaker. Many people find it hard to remember words, let alone use them properly in a sentence or conversation.
These videos help you remember more words easily so that you are able to use them correctly when speaking to another person. These lessons also allow you to build a strong vocabulary foundation, which makes it infinitely easier to achieve fluency.

English Learning Text Guide

Some people are more receptive to text based lessons, which is the reason why this material is offered as a bonus. All the audio lessons are accompanied by corresponding text-based materials so that you can easily refer to the pages if there are certain things that are not clear. Sometimes it is easier to understand things when they are clearly laid in letters as opposed to spoken words.

Student Forum Membership

This is a necessary reinforcement that allows Effortless English users to connect and communicate with each other. It is rather hard to track one's progress without the guidance of an instructor, which makes it necessary to keep in contact with other users of the same program. The online forum is a convenient avenue for Effortless English users for sharing ideas with one another as well as their experiences with the program. In addition, it also gives them the chance to gauge their fluency in English since they can freely converse with other members in such language.

Effortless English Forum

The 7 Rules for Excellent English Speaking

Many people ask what makes Effortless English unique and effective. Perhaps the single most convincing answer to this query is found in the 7 Rules for Excellent English Speaking, which is formulated by AJ Hoge himself. This is actually a video course series that contains lessons from AJ Hoge, as he goes deeper into the subject of English proficiency using the 7 rules as basis.

Rule #1 Always Study and Review Phrases as Opposed to Individual Words

This is a very important thing to remember when trying to obtain a mastery of the English language. It is not enough to remember English words and their individual meanings, because it will not have any positive bearing on fluency. What is more important is remembering phrases that convey specific and complete thoughts in order to be able to converse well in English.

Rule #2 Don't Study Grammar

Yes, you read it correctly. It is not advisable to study grammar, especially not in the way that students at school are taught. There are many reasons for this rule, not the least of which is the fact that it would be a complete and utter waste of time. Breaking down sentences and remembering specific grammar rules will only take up so much of your time and confuse you to no end without really providing any real results.
The new set of lessons in Power English contain the secrets to perfecting English grammar without having to actively study it.

Rule #3 Listen First

This is regarded by the author as the MOST important rule of all because it is key to absorbing and maintaining all the necessary information you need to become a fluent speaker. Without excellent listening skills, you can never hope to become an excellent English speaker or one who is confident enough to converse well with other people. The newly improved lessons include very specific techniques on how to improve your active listening skills and how to use it to your advantage.

Rule #4 Slow, Deep Learning

This is basically the cornerstone of the entire program since AJ Hodge believes that Slow, Deep learning is the most effective way to gain excellent command of the English language. Slow Deep learning entails retention and practice, which has proven best to employ for fast paced language training.

Effortless English programRule #5 Use Point of View Mini Stories

This rule is connected to Rule #2 about not studying grammar. Instead of poring through confusing rules, it is better to use the POV mini stories, which are included in the lessons. It will teach you how to use words and phrases correctly in a conversation, while observing proper grammar. You would be surprise at how well your grammar will improve just by paying attention to these lessons.

Rule #6 Only Use Real English Lessons and Materials

Effortless English program uses only real English conversations. When you use the lessons you will learn real English and be able to communicate with real people. Everything you need to become a fluent speaker is provided in the Effortless English Method so there is no need to deviate from the program. Use all the materials created by AJ Hoge so you get the best possible results.

Rule #7 Listen and Answer NOT Listen and Repeat

What this program advocates is active participation from students. You are not to repeat the words/phrases/sentences back; instead, you are to respond as if having a conversation with another person. Since you do not have an actual instructor delivering the lessons, it is important to make the most out of the responses you are expected to give.

The Cost and Where to Buy

The Effortless English Method is sold at $97 at the moment, and is available online. While some people may think that this price is very expensive, it is important to understand that the learning methods as well as materials found in this program are as unique and original as they can get. This program is a result of decades of teaching experience and painstaking research of one man who believes in the power of self learning with the aid of reliable instruction.
The price has been slashed to $97, although there are no guarantees that the offer will last long. Taking the deal right away is the best course of action for those who are eager to start learning English right away. If you compare this price to what you have to pay in the Language School in the US or UK you get the right perspective.

The Real Question - Is it for Everyone?

The reality is that the Effortless English Method is not designed for everyone. That is, you will need to have at least the most basic understanding of the language (you should know a few words and be able to understand complete English sentences) in order to benefit from this program. However, it is designed to work well on people who have experience with the language at school (as a second or foreign language).

Effortless English lessons in action 

What Other Students Say:

"I tried to learn English at a training school at first, but it became too expensive that I had to quit eventually. I found Effortless English online a few months back and signed up for the free email course initially until I was convinced that it was the program for me. While I am not perfectly fluent in English yet, I have improved so much that I can now converse properly with other English speakers..." Marek, from Poland

"My pronunciation and grammar has improved a lot since starting Effortless English. I was in Cleveland, USA briefly and I spoke with native English speakers. I was so surprise that they can understand me perfectly and that I was quite confident to have a conversation with them..." Jose Perez, Mexico City

"Hello, I want to say some words about my experience in learning English. I have learned English many years...at first I had learned English at school. It was boring and not useful for me. I couldn't say anything in English. We learned grammar books, rules, how to use tenses... After finishing high school I could say only some sentences about me and my family  . After many years I had possibility to go to different English courses. But any way I could not speak easily, my vocabulary was too short. And surprisingly I found a link to Effortless English learning system. I registered to 7 rules and purchased these lessons. I have listened them every day many times till now. I am obsessed with English and I love this way of learning. Now I'm so happy I can write without effort, without translating from my native language. Its the best way to learn English I had ever known  " Kristina, Lithuania


The Effortless English Method has been well received by many people all over the world and it continues to impress even language experts. AJ Hoge has certainly accomplished quite a feat when he created this clever training program. Today might just be the day you start learning how to speak English well.
I hope that my review delivered you all information necessary to make decision. Now is up to you to start learning English fast today or looking for an answer somewhere else. From my experience and many other students, Effortless English is the best method available now.

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