English Harmony System 2.0 - Learning English the Way it should be Learned

English Harmony System 2.0 - Read my review to find out what it offers to teach you speak English well.

Today learning English is considered utmost necessary and there are many ways of doing it. You may learn it in schools, join classes and use softwares that teach English. It has been clear but not widely known that learning the basic grammar and understanding English in schools is not enough for anyone. You has to put in an extra effort to become a fluent English speaker. This is where the "English Harmony System 2.0" comes in.

English Harmony System 2.0

Recently I have found a very interesting English course. The "English Harmony System 2.0" was created by English fluency expert Robby Kukurs. What interesting, Robby is not an English native speaker. He was born in Eastern Europe and struggled for years to speak English fluently. Now he lives in Ireland and he speakes better English than some native speakers.

How this has happened? After years of learning, Robby discovered the best way to learn English in order to achieve English fluency in a short time. He put together all necessary pieces and created English learning system that can help anyone to speak English fluently.

The English Harmony System 2.0 is a collection of CDs and reading material that helps you to master the art of speaking fluent English. It has been developed by a man, an English Fluency Expert himself who struggled to learn English until finding out the real way to speak fluent English.

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Why English Harmony System 2.0?

Now you might wonder as to why we should purchase something that we are already getting in schools. We have teachers who take regular classes that teach us the grammatical rules in English. But this does not help our pronunciation skills and yet there are people whose grammar is still terrible after all of these years at school. The only way to be fluent in the language is to speak it. This is what the English Harmony System 2.0 aims at.

Fluency in English is determined as to how effectively we can use the English word combinations in real-life conversations. The English Harmony System 2.0 tends to go back to the basics and teaches us English the way a mother teaches her child the native language.

You might not have noticed but 80% of the English conversations require only 20% of the English material that is taught. This means that a greater focus should be placed on 20% most used words and phrases rather that wasting time on the rest of the 80%. The English Harmony System 2.0 does not tell you everything about English, but helps you to communicate fluently in English. After all, this is what we want.

Traditional English learning emphasizes highly on learning the rules of grammar. Now, grammar rules are never fun and what should be taught is to use grammatically correct sentences. The English Harmony System 2.0 teaches you effective rules of grammar in communication rather than in writing them down and learning it up.

Modules in English Harmony System 2.0
  • Module one consists of a “Speech Master” in which you receives 30 interactive video lessons, almost 10 minutes long. These lessons focus on you speaking as it corrects your grammar in your speech. It helps you in picking up the English language in a natural way.
  • Module two has a “Confidence Mentor” which helps in confidence building, one of its kind. It helps you in speaking effective English at lightning speed and handle situations when you are under stress. These situations can be meetings, dates or interviews. To make it friendly, the “Confidence Mentor” also has suitable background music as well.
  • Module 3 has a “Chat Assistant” which you can use to chat with friends and meet new people all over the world. It also teaches you additional words that are used by people who speak English. It is filled with real-life simulations that create an English speaking environment for student.
Apart from this there is also the “English harmony: Insider’s Secrets” which is 68-page book which has all the necessary instructions about the English Harmony System 2.0.

You might think that with so many features the English Harmony System 2.0 would be expensive. But think about the load of books you might buy and the time you would spend in classes and compare all that to this, and the price seems like a very good deal.

The English Harmony System 2.0 comes with a Free Lifetime Updates Super Bonus where you will receive in the future new versions of English Harmony System 2.0 at no additional cost.

The second Super Bonus offered by the English Harmony System 2.0 is the Personal Customer Support where you get guaranteed answers to everything. It has a guaranteed response within 24 hours.

I highly recommend the English Harmony System 2.0 for every student who has ever struggle with English learning. With this program you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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7 Rules to learn English fast - Rule 7

How to learn English fast - Rule 7

RULE 7 (How to speak fast): Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat.

Use Listen & Answer Mini Story Lessons. In each Mini Story Lesson, a speaker tells a short simple story. He also asks a lot of easy questions. Every time you hear a question, you pause and answer it.You learn to answer questions quickly - without thinking. Your English becomes automatic. This will teach you to think quickly in English!

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7 Rules to learn English fast - Rule 6

How to learn English fast - Rule 6

RULE 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials.

You must learn real English if you want to understand native speakers and speak easily. Use real magazines, audio articles, TV shows, movies, radio talk shows, and audio books. Learn real English, not textbook English

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