Listen & Answer - the best method to start speak English fast

Every student knows about "listen and repeat". Listen and repeat is the normal way to teach and learn English.

In school, the teacher says something in English. Then the students repeat exactly what the teacher said. I call this "robot English".

English students also do this at home. They buy CDs, or tapes, or a podcast. They listen. Then they repeat after the speaker. More robot English.

Listening to English is great - but Listen and Repeat is the WRONG way to do it. Listen and repeat is a robot - like activity. You don't even need to understand the English to do it. Just copy the speaker like a robot.

There are several problems with this method:

1. It is passive. You don't think. You don't need to understand. You just repeat, like a robot machine.

2. It is totally unnatural. In a real conversation, will you ever do this? Of course not.

3. It is super boring. Since you don't use your brain, you quickly get bored with "listen and repeat".

As you know, I think Listening is THE MOST IMPORTANT activity for learning English. But you must use a better way.

That better way is "Listen and Answer". This means you Listen to a question, and then you Answer it. You don't repeat after the speaker, you answer his/her question correctly and quickly.

With Listen and Repeat, the speaker says, "What is your name?"... and then you repeat, "What is your name?"

With Listen and Answer, the speaker says, "What is your name?"... and you say, "My name is AJ". It seems like a small difference - but in fact it is a VERY important difference.

To ANSWER, you MUST understand. You must understand the question, and then you must quickly think of an answer in English. This encourages your brain to think in English. This is an active method.

This is also much more natural. In real conversations, this is exactly what you do... someone asks you a question and you must understand it and answer it quickly.

Listen and Answer is also more interesting. It is challenging. You can't get bored and sleepy because you must Understand and Answer. Its like a game - you try to answer more and more quickly.

When you use the old method, you are not ready for real conversations. When you use Listen and Answer, you are ready.

Effortless English lesson sets always include Listen and Answer Mini - Stories. You improve your English quickly by answering questions. The questions are usually very easy, but by answering them you teach your brain to use English quickly.

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Or find your own Listen and Answer lessons and stories. Just never use "listen and repeat" again!

Author: AJ Hoge, http://effortlessacquisition.blogspot.com


Learn to Speak English Fluently and Quicker Than Ever, Using Short Stories and Multi-Modal Learning

There is no doubt that learning to speak English fluently online has its benefits in terms of cost savings, the ability to learn at your own pace, and at a time that fits your lifestyle.

However, there are many courses on the internet that firstly do not engage you in using multi-modal (multi-sensory) learning – using all of your senses to make sure you retain the information, and secondly do not concentrate enough on correct pronunciation and intonation.

Correct pronunciation and intonation is paramount when trying to sound like a fluid English speaker which will greatly increase your negotiation potential if you do business overseas, and will also significantly increase the clarity of your conversations.

When looking for an online learning provider the following criteria should definitely be considered:

• Make sure the courses offered are fun in nature.
• Make sure the course provided uses videos, sound, and as many learning modes as possible, ideally the course should integrate stories in its programs that engage your memory.
• Lookout for courses that oversell themselves as this is a clear sign that you will end up feeling stranded.
• Great pronunciation and intonation should be of top priority throughout the course.

Four great tips to help you learn fluent English:

1. Only study genuine material from an English provider that definitely uses correct grammar. Find an English person online that will check this for you or only deal with a native or fluent English-speaking provider.

2. Speak out loud the content you are learning and if you know somebody in the UK practice to them out loud. Find a pen pal to help you do this, or a YouTube buddy.

3. Envelope yourself in English. Surround yourself by other people who speak the language already and make a rule that for a whole day you will only communicate in English to force you to think through your problems in English.

4. Practice developing phrases you learn. Play games with yourself and colleagues centered on phrases you know and understand well and slowly link other words and develop the phrases and their meaning.

There are lots of really high quality learning programs online. Learning to speak English fluently is by no means an easy task. if your goal is to speak fluently, with the right tutor and learning system it can be achieved very quickly. Take time to find the right course that suits your lifestyle.

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How to speak good English

The claim that English is spoken by the largest number of people of the world is largely contested by the Chinese who affirm that Mandarin, which is the main spoken language of China, has a linguistic following far exceeding the number of people speaking English.Today, English is the link language among different semi-educated and educated linguistic groups in the whole world. It is the language of opportunities. Most jobs require a good knowledge of English.

To speak good English, we should keep in mind some important points. The essential qualifications of a good speaker in English are:

1) Strong desire
A person who wants to become a successful English speaker must have a strong desire to achieve his aim. To develop a strong and persistent desire, you must inculcate an enthusiasm in yourself for the study and the practice of the subject of English.You must realise the immense benefits which will accrue,if you become a good speaker.The power of speech will give you a great pleasure and a new confidence in your personality.

2) Knowledge of the subject
Before you start speaking you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject of your talk. The knowledge of your subject matter will equip you with the confidence to talk with authority before your audience. You should deliver a talk only when you know that you have some thing to say on the subject.

3) Speak with confidence
The third qualification which a speaker must have is to speak confidently. A speaker must develop the courage to face the audience. Even deep breathing for a few seconds just before facing the audience can prove to be a good morale booster for you and will cheer you up. While facing the audience you must act bravely and confidently. There sholud not be any iota of nervousness in your mind. For this purpose you must practise acting fearlessly and couragelessly. One must try to develop the qualities of boldness, courage and confidence continuously. Try to develop these qualities through sheer practice.

4) Practice makes a man perfect
It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. For this purpose you must practise continuously. There is no substitute for practice. For this it is essential that you must grab every opportunity of speaking English which comes in your way. This real life experience will give you the best practice. Of course, to achieve sure success you must practise speaking English by yourself a number of times, before you speak to anybody.

5) Determination to succeed
Although it is said that nothing succeeds like success yet it can be said that determination is the guarantee for a sure success. For this purpose you must have determination in yourself and you are going to master the art of speaking good English by your will power.

6) Good Vocabulary
The next qualification essential for a successful speaker in English is that he must have a good vocabulary. Words are power. To become a powerful speaker in English one must increase his word power. For this purpose, it is essential that you must develop the habit of consulting a good dictionary, as well as increasing your word power, with the help of good books on vocabulary.

By employing the above mentioned points anybody can become a good speaker in English.


Main Obstacles When Learning English

There are an estimated 6, 000 languages spoken throughout the world. With so many languages, it may surprise many to learn that learning the English language can be one of the more difficult tasks. There are a number of reasons why students encounter obstacles when they are learning English.

The English language has no exact pronunciation. Some words contain 'silent' letters which means they are not spoken. Some letters may be pronounced differently such as 'ah' for 'A'. Other languages such as the German language vocalize every letter and have only one pronunciation. How the stress is placed on certain German consonants or vowels can make English such a difficult language to learn.

There are hard and soft consonants like 'c' taking on a 'k' sound which depends on the context of which they are spoken. There are silent letters in some words and there are some consonants that when put together will project an entirely different sound. (i.e.…’th’) The odd combinations and changing rules in the pronunciation of words makes English much more difficult to learn.

The succession of nouns, adjectives, and adverbs has their own particular order for the many different languages in the world. With the English language, the order can vary. For instance, Chinese learners tend to write indirect sentences. For example: "The boy was bitten by the neighbour's dog." instead of "The neighbour's dog bit the boy." To write proper sentences and passages, English learners have to learn a new and different way of using grammar. Assimilating English into a conversation can be difficult because learners have to use different sentence structures than their native language.

Verb Tense:
Some languages have very narrow connotations of verb tense. Often the use of present and past verb tense can make learning English quite complicated. For instance, in certain situations, it may be appropriate to use any of the following tenses: present; past; and future. The verb 'sing' can be used in the following forms depending on tense: ‘sing’, ‘sang’, or ‘sung’.

Learning Tools:
Many students are only taught to learn from books so they do not have the chance to practice the speaking language. They tend to lack the confidence when they try to speak the English language in public. Reading aloud can help them improve their English speaking abilities.

The use of slang is common in the English language. Words, terms, and phrases do not have the same meaning that they would normally have in a dictionary definition. Learning the language requires learning the use of slang which means understanding that different slang terms make English an almost entirely different language that has to be learned. Sometimes terms that are used are not even found in the English dictionary. This can make difficult for someone not familiar with the language. This is where television, movies, magazines, and the radio become helpful tools when learning the language.

Gender and Culture:
A person’s cultural practices can affect their ability to learn English. For instance, in some cultures a woman tends to be the one to stay home and raise the children. They are less likely to be interacting with English speakers unlike a man who would be out in the workforce interacting with English speakers.

The English language is one of the most widely spoken languages. The inability to speak or understand the native English language can seem frustrating. Although the complexities of learning the language may seem overwhelming, the benefits are well worth the effort. Reading, speaking, and listening to others speak English are an important part of learning the language.



How to Speak English - Quick Lesson: Agreeing with Someone

When you are involved in a conversation with someone, you will probably have situations where you agree with what they are saying. It is good to have a variety of ways in which you can do this, so you can choose the most appropriate phrase for the conversation.

When you learn how to speak English, make sure you learn these phrases.
“I agree.”

This is a basic way of saying you agree with a statement the other person has made.
“I think you are right.”

If the other person has said something about a particular person or situation, you could say this instead. It means you agree with their opinion or point of view.
“That is correct.”

Someone might make a statement that you agree with; if it is a factual statement you can use this sentence to respond with.
“Yes, that’s right.”

This is another way of saying that you agree with something that someone has said.
“I couldn’t agree more.”

If you feel really strongly about something someone has said, you can use this sentence to let them know how you feel.
“Yes, but why do you think that?”

It might be that you do agree with someone, in which case you can say yes and nod. But if you want to know more about their point of view you can use this sentence to get the information they need.

As you can see there are lots of ways of agreeing with someone during an English conversation.

Author: Allison Whitehead
Allison Whitehead is a professional freelance writer with over 20 years experience in the field. She works for a wide range of clients all over the world, creating original high quality web content, articles and blog posts to order. She specialises in internet and affiliate marketing, working from home, self help and inspirational topics and writing, although she can often be found tackling articles on all manner of other subjects as well. For more information please visit allisonwhitehead.co.uk 


How to Speak English Fluently

“Alright me ol’ china?  Shocking out there, innit.  Raining cats n dogs, and they say it’s not going to stop in a month of Sundays.”
Okay – so the above sentence is a little exaggerated but it’s a good example of the difficulties facing those who want to know how to speak English fluently.  You see, slang terms and poor grammar become embedded into a language, meaning that whilst you indeed need to study the theory of a language, once you grasp the basics then actually getting out there and talking to those whose mother tongue is English is simply the only way to become fluent.
So let’s take a look at the best ways in which you can do this.
  1. Study the relevant material.  Many people use English study books as their core learning material.  However, these give a distorted view of how ‘real’ English is spoken.  Sure, they’ll be grammatically correct – but in all reality, that’s not how the language is spoken in practice.  The same goes for studying news articles.  Although these are good to read, they’ll be written in a formal style that doesn’t particularly show you how the language is spoken in day to day life.
  2. Forget the grammar.  Well, not forget it completely, but when studying how to speak English fluently it’s important to understand that most people don’t talk in a grammatically correct fashion.  In fact, those who learn English as a foreign language probably know more about the rules of grammar than most of those who are native English speakers.  Studying grammar too in-depth will only serve to confuse you and slow down your efforts to become fluent.
  3. Practice speaking – reading and listening alone are not sufficient to lead you to your goal.  After all, becoming fluent is all about speaking the language, not your ability to listen and read.  So speak English, whenever and wherever you are, to anyone who’ll listen.  And if you’re reading, say the words out loud.  It’s only by doing this that the words will begin to come naturally and help you towards your goal.
  4. Don’t forget to learn phrases.  Whilst learning individual words is great, it’s only by learning phrases that you’ll be able to easily create many different sentences.  And that’s key when you’re wondering how on earth you’re ever going to speak English fluently.  When children learn to speak they absorb both words and phrases, and this is the very best way to learn – so do your utmost to remember as many phrases as possible.
  5. Speak English with English speakers.  The very best way to learn to speak English fluently is to surround yourself with fluent English speakers.  Submerging yourself totally into the language is the most effective way of learning.  So if you’re in the UK – talk to the locals.  Don’t surround yourself by people who speak your own language as this simply won’t work.  If you want to become fluent, then you need to speak to those who are English speakers as much as you possibly can.
Most of all – keep trying.  Learning how to speak English fluently won’t happen overnight.  But if you keep at it, every day, you’ll soon be surprised at how good your English speaking has become.

Author: Jacki Huntley
Jacki Huntley is an HPC Paramedic who worked for the NHS for many years. She now makes her living as a writer of both non-fiction and fiction. As well as providing news articles and press releases, she is a prolific travel writer and writes many short stories for some of the UK’s most popular fiction magazines. Jacki is always happy to speak to anyone who may be in need of a writer. Her wide and varied experience along with strong creative flair makes her the ideal choice for those who require a dedicated, reliable and talented wordsmith. More of Jacki’s style and work can be read at: jackihuntley.wordpress.com


Learning Real English Online

    A language is one most significant aspect of life. People of the same culture are able to communicate to one another with language, in which fact one is able to express how he or she feels about a certain thing, or perhaps to a person. In other words, language plays a vital role in a day-to-day life of a person, as it makes connection among other people. Without it, everything could have been out of order, or in great chaos.

    English language is widely considered as a secondary language in all nations of the world. Many countries have spoken it for decades already. English is like an invisible bridge that creates linkages among the diversified people who come from varied cultures. That is why, many of us are trying to learn English in the best way possible, as it is the only language in which people across the world are able to understand one another.

    Unluckily, too many non-English speaking countries have no access to quality education to learn English. In fact, students in schools are bombarded with English textbooks and are required to memorize hundreds of vocabularies in which students will easily forget later on. Apparently, this will not simply work for most of them.

    There are many ways in which non-English speakers learn real English. Traditional approach requires: first, read many books. Second, learn grammar rules slowly and deeply. Lastly, practice writing and speaking English.

    Another most effective way of learning English is to simply copy how Americans learn English. To begin with, they do not delve into studying grammar rules yet they are very fluent in English. They memorize vocabularies less often, but they know which word goes naturally with others. Most of all, they speak English correctly without minding so much about grammar rules.

    It is said that learning English in the same way how Americans learn is the most effective way to learn English, and that could be done by listening constantly to spoken English. It is probably the same process as to how we learn our own native language; we do not learn grammar rules nor we memorize vocabularies
    But, nothing can equal the convenience of learning English online with the guidance of a guaranteed expert in the language. Learning English online is a new method of learning the language, since not all schools in many countries can provide the right knowledge and exercise for the non-English speakers to learn.

    Unlike the regular class in the classroom, online teachers can closely guide the student in the course of learning, as the session is usually done one on one. There is no need for the student to attend English classes daily, and no more unusable textbooks. Only one’s willingness is what it takes to speak and write English fluently.

    Another advantage of learning English online is that you become more focused on the subject matter; fewer distractions, the more concentrated you will be, and more concentrations would mean better learning you can get. Learning English online is indeed the most accessible way of learning English for those people who want to learn it in the best way possible.


7 secrets to learning a language fast

Always wanted to learn a language but think you are too old, not talented enough, or just too busy? Think again! 

language.learning.jpg Language learner extraordinaire and creator of Fluent in 3 MonthsBenny Lewis – gives us his top tips on how to pick up the local lingo fast.




1. Studying grammar is for academics – communicating is king

 If you plan to use your language with human beings and not just for exams, then put aside the books and perfectionism. Grammar does NOT help you to speak a language – it helps you to improve your language skills. You MUST make mistakes and lots of them. Embrace this and you will learn quicker and get your point across more efficiently. When you are ready for it, and very comfortable using the language then it's a good idea to come back to such materials to tidy it up.

2. Speak the language from day one

No more waiting! People are always over-preparing until that day when maybe they'll be ready. This logic is faulty as there is always something missing, so you'll never, ever feel 100% prepared. The only solution to this vicious circle is to get out of it entirely. Speak right now – even if you have only learned a one or two words and phrases! It will be hard to begin with, but you will progress much quicker!

3. Start with a phrasebook, learn it quickly and use it

The one book I do find terribly useful when I want to speak a language as soon as possible is a cheap, pocket, travel phrasebook. Lonely Planet, Berlitz or any similar book will do the job. Read the phrases and learn them off by heart. If you sing along with phrases it becomes a lot easier to apply them to memory. Then use them immediately.

4. For vocabulary get repetition flashcards

There is a free program you can download to your computer called Anki. It allows you to download pre-made decks with the most common/important words of your target language. You can study on your computer or use a portable version of the app on your smartphone.

5. Meet up with people before you travel

While meeting people to practise in your target language country is relatively easy, did you know that you can do it before you travel too? Hit the ground running by already having had lots of practice in advance! Some great ways to do this include:

•  Searching meetup.com to see if there is a weekly or monthly gathering of those practising your target language
•    Use the site couchsurfing.org and instead of searching for a couch, simply search your home city with just the criteria of the language you want. Message that person to meet up for a coffee. People on this site are very open-minded to meeting strangers.
•    Ask your friends, local library, church, clubs or anywhere else you can think of to find a local community or speaker of that language. Then just take the leap and say ‘hi!’ to them.

Benny2.jpg6. Don't think so much – just do it!

One of the major issues so many people have when starting to learn a language is confidence. They dwell on the many ways things that can go wrong, and remind themselves how stupid they are. Clear your head and just open your mouth. You are exaggerating how badly things will go – just let the language flow, and use whatever techniques you are comfortable with for relaxing and feeling more confident. Remember – mistakes don’t matter; most locals love it when foreigners make the effort to communicate in their own language (rather than just barking English at them!).

7. Have fun and enjoy talking!

You are communicating with another human being in an entirely different language! That's what it is for after all. You can't go wrong with this – it's not like in school where a certain number of errors earns you a fail.

You are simply explaining your thoughts, asking questions and enjoying this wonderful new way to communicate. Mistakes and nervousness, and excuses that it's hard can't get around the fact that by simply saying the words, you ARE communicating in that language.

There will be many challenges, but you can find a way around them.

Good luck, and enjoy speaking!

Benny Lewis is a language hacker and technomad, who has been on the road for almost a decade. He blogs about his language learning missions at http://speakfromday1.com to encourage others to learn languages quickly and efficiently, and wrote in greater detail about how he does it in his Language Hacking Guide, the sales of which help support his travels.

Source: http://www.skyscanner.net/news/articles/2011/10/011033-7-secrets-to-learning-a-language-fast.html


How To Download Effortless English Lessons

Video transcript:
Hi, I am A.J. Hoge, the director of Effortless English. And now, I want to show you how exactly you get your lesson. Because, all of my lessons are digital. That’s great because you get them right now. You don’t need to wait for the mail. There is no mail, there is no extra mail cost. Instead, I send you an e-mail with a link and then you click the link and you download each lesson set to your computer. You can use them right now, today, immediately.

Let me show you how that works. First of course, you go down to the button of this web site and click this big red button. It says buy lessons now. And after you click the button you will go to the payment page. So, let’s imagine you have already paid. After you paid you get immediately an e-mail from Effortless English. So let’s look at the e-mail now. So I just paid and you will see here an e-mail from Effortless English LLC. That is the lesson e-mail. This e-mail contains lessons. So, you see the subject here “Power English Lessons”. So you wanna open that e-mail. It is the e-mail inside.

You can download files for Original Effortless English lessons or Power English lessons. And then, there is the link. To get the lessons, simply click the link in your e-mail. And click it, boom there it is. This is the lesson download page. You see, we have a long list of lessons. These are all of the lesson sets. Each of these actually has three or four files. Three or four lessons inside it. So these are lesson sets there are mp3 audio files, fort he audio. Mp3 of course you can use them your computer, you can listen on your computer, you can also put them in your ipod which is great because you can learn anywhere. And there are text files inside also, each lessons set. Those are pdf adobe files. Don’t worry your computer has adobe reader so you can easily read the text also.

So how do we get these? Well it is very easy. You see right here, each one says click here to download. For example this is the welcome guide. This is the first thing you read. The welcome guide tells you exactly how to use the lessons. So to download one of these use just clik here, so click here boom. And my computer asks me you have chosen to open welcome guide and I just click Ok. And then see starts to downloading right now. Welcome guide download. 26 seconds remaining. So download onto your computer. And you save it on your computer and it is yours forever, right. You have it forever. And you see you can get it right now, immediately. You don’t need to wait one week, two weeks for the mail. No mail it is immediate, right now. So simple, so easy. It is great.

So, as you can see, it is almost finish downloading. And when the download finishes you simply open the set and then you have it. So let’s have a look it right now. Here we go, see is ta ta ta finish and boom. It opens immediately and this is the welcome giude. The Effortless English Club, welcome guide with A.J. Hoge. That is your first one. The welcome guide is just text. It just tells you how to use the lesson. You can see, and just close this, and then we have first lesson the day for the death lesson. Again you just click, download, open it and you can listen all of the lessons inside. We have another one, a kiss is the name another lesson set.

So again each of lesson set, for example “A Kiss” there is a vocabulary lesson inside, there is a mini story lesson inside, there is an audio article inside, there is text inside. And many of these also have point of view mini stories inside. And also commentaries. So you get a lot of different lessons inside each of these.

So we have a little bit levels it says one, it is easier. The day for the death lesson is propably the easiest lesson in all of these. And then we have level two. It is a little bit more difficult. But not too difficult, the level two lessons are still pretty easy.  And then you can see we have level tree, cofe Puccini lesson, Disobedience Lessons. And the level 3 certainly is the highest. They can be more and more difficult. They are more advanced. So you can go from easier to more difficult and finally to quite advanced.

And then finally too, you aclually some bonuses, you can see here, bonus Hitch lessons 1, Bonus Hitch lessons 2, Bonus Hitch lessons 3. Hitch is a movie. So these bonus lessons help you understand part of the Hithc movie. So they are really great. Everybody loves Hitch lessons so they are fantastic.

And so, that’i it. That’s  all. All you need to do, to get the lessons. So you get them now, click the big red button and you fill out your information, and then check your e-mail immediately, start getting the lessons right now. You can start using these lessons today. This whole process takes maybe  five minutes, So in five minutes you can be listening to your first Effortless English lesson. I look forward to being your teacher. I am so happy I can teach you. I will see you again, bye bye.

Click HERE if you want to try Effortless English Lessons


Learn To Speak English - How To Do It?

Speaking English is increasingly important, just because it is the most popular language in the world. Many people decided to learn to speak English for different purposes: some of them learn for business, some of them learn for the pleasure ... etc.

Before starting to learn English you should know the correct method to do so. When you know the correct method is going to be easy, and finally you will be able to speak English fluently.

To be fluent means that you speak naturally without thinking what you should to say. To achieve this you can avoid all formal techniques and useless methods.

Many students think that grammar is everything. They think that when they learn grammar it help them to speak speak, but the truth is the opposite of that. English grammar does not help students to speak. Many students get stuck to this idea because they don't know the truth.

Memorizing lists of words does not help such as the grammar. If you memorize lists of words, perhaps you will never speak. Every time you talk, you begin to think of the wordyou should use. It does not help with speaking fluency at all.

If you think your English speaking can be improved simply by reading some books, you will never speak English, because the rule is very simple: reading helps you with writing skills.

Listening is what you need to learn to speak English. Yes, listening is everything if you want to improve your fluency in English. When you listen to English you acquire the way the English speakers talk. It helps you to talk without thinking. It also helps you improve your pronunciation in English.

Listening can also improve your grammar. Many students do not think so, but it's true. A six year old can speak English very well, with clear pronunciation and correct English grammar, and this is without studying English grammar and without memorizing lists of words.

If you want to speak English fluently, forget about English grammar and word lists and just focus on listening to real English conversations.


How To Speak English Fluently

If you are one of many foreigners that is visiting a country, then it's vital that you learn English. However, there are a couple of things you should know so that it will be easier for you to speak english fluently. Most foreigners often have a hard time speaking English, as their native country does not teach the language.

Luckily, there are many things you can do to learn the language and speak it fluently. Learning English may be a process, but once you have learned the language,  you will be capable to communicate with people better when you leave your country.

•How to speak English fluently.

In order to actually speak English, you have to be very patient and dedicated, as it could take a while to learn an entire different language. Most foreigners seem to always make the same mistake by trying to have an American accent whilst learning English. When you try to pronounce words in an English accent, it will be difficult to speak English fluently. So just try to pronounce the words first before trying to enhance your diction.

You should also stop trying to make your grammar so good, as it can make it more difficult for you to speak the language. Studying correct grammar will only make you confused when speaking English and will make the learning process take longer. You should always read English books and read out loud, as the more you read in English, the more faster it will be to speak English fluently. You could also read phrases in English on a regular basis so that you get used to speaking the language.

•Tips on how to have better diction.

Once you have learned how to speak English, it is vital to improve your diction so that people will be able to understand you better. However, since you live in a foreign country, there aren't many people that have good diction while speaking in English. So what you should do to achieve better diction is to watch television shows from America. Really listen to how they pronounce words and imitate the way they say the words. If they don't show American television in your country, you should go online to watch the shows, as it can really be helpful when trying to improve your diction.

•What're the benefits of speaking English fluently?

When you speak English fluently, it will be easier to communicate with people when you visit a foreign country. Most foreign countries teach English, and if you visit a country without any knowledge on how to speak the language, it will be very hard to do things and visit places. Another benefit that you will receive when you speak English is that since it is a world-wide language, you will be able to communicate with people around the world.

So if you want to learn a very important language, then it's crucial that you implement these tips whilst your learning English. These tips will help you to improve your English skills and help you to learn English fluently.


How to Improve English Vocabulary?

Without having the right word at your disposal can be quite frustrating. Actually it really is problem that confounds veteran journalists along with beginner learners. Sometimes, it's really a matter of the inability to be able to remember the right word; sometimes you don't ever knew the phrase.

Language is power. Creating a vocabulary that may meet the needs of your respective reading and self-expression needs to be the goal of every aspiring writer and speaker. So how can you develop a strong vocabulary? Here are some tips on how to improve English vocabulary:

Make Word Charts
Write down unfamiliar words that you simply discover in newspapers and books on durable items of paper. Lookup these words when you have a dictionary for your use. Against each word, write down its definition. Pursue words consciously. Read journals that challenge you with regards to vocabulary.

Carry this paper together with you always. Remove it and research your vocabulary if you are located on the bus or waiting on the doctor's clinic. Review those words until you become comfortable that you will be capable of recognizing them the very next time the thing is them.

Use Every Available Resource
There are many books on creating a more powerful vocabulary. For those who have got money to spare, get them and make use of them. They will not hurt. If money is tight, visit websites offering free vocabulary lessons.

Play dictionary games together with your friends and family. Ask a friend to discover a neat word from the dictionary. What are the concept of that word? If you're imaginative, construct your own vocabulary games.

Make Use of a Thesaurus
A thesaurus is really a dictionary of synonyms. It groups words in accordance with their meaning. A thesaurus can be quite useful in discovering the right word you're searching for. You need to be able to buy a cheap thesaurus from most book stores. You can also get hyperlinked thesauruses online.

When you hear a word that puzzles you ask the speaker exactly what it means. Many people wouldn't mind giving a reason. When they do manage to bother, write down the word and look up later.

Discover the Roots
A lot of words within the English language have their own roots in Greek and Latin. Knowing these roots will assist you to keep the meanings of words.

Make Good Use of Your Dictionary
Make that dictionary your constant companion. It should be just about the most often used among your books. Put the dictionary somewhere to be able to find it easily. If you read in the bedroom, put it on the shelves or on the table in the bedroom itself.

A good dictionary should contain extensive definitions, word origins and notes on usage. A pocket dictionary that provides concise definitions is also a wise decision. You are able to take it around in your purse or backpack.

Using the Internet
Plenty of reading materials are available on the internet. Choose good online magazines and newspapers. Transform it into a habit to see at least one major article per week with the aim of culling from it words that are unfamiliar for you.


Power English lessons - New Effortless English lessons

I have great news for you from Effortless English. You can now buy AJ Hoge's Power English lessons. I  bought these lessons almost two years ago, when AJ Hoge first time put them on sale. After one day special sale, Power English lessons were not available until now.

Click here to check Power English lessons for yourself!

I have to say that these lessons are the best of all Effortless English lessons. If you are intermediate or advanced English student, I highly recommend Power English lessons. These lessons are more than just English lessons. When you use them, you will learn English and many other interesting informations at the same time.

For people with lower level of English I highly recommend Original Effortless English Lessons. This set of lessons includes lessons on different levels, from beginner to advanced.

AJ Hoge created Power English lessons to do more than just teach you English. He wanted to be sure that every lesson is full of positive and inspiring messages. When you use these lessons, you will learn English, you will learn vocabulary, you will improve your grammar, you will speak more fluently, but more importantly than that you will also feed the positive emotions, thoughts, and values in your mind.

That is a very important part of these lessons. One of the main AJ Hoge goals, was to make sure that every single lesson has some kind of positive message, so that you’re getting lots of positive energy from him.

Click here to learn more about Original Effortless English Lessons

Power English Lessons changed the way I learn languages now, but they also changed my view on other aspects of life. While learning with Power English, I have become aware of the old bad habits I have, that are not supportive or effective to achieve my goals. Power English is like having a coach by your side constantly reminding you to shift to your the best state.

The topics of each lesson are incredible and based on great books by different authors. I would say these lessons will give you many discoveries about life, and applying them would be life changing. Power English lessons help you not only to improve your English skills, but to improve your whole life, to understand yourself, to control your emotions, to be strong and happy.

Power English contains 30 sets of lessons. In each set, you will find main article lesson, mini-story lesson, point of view lesson and commentary lesson. As I said before, from the main article you will learn many interesting things, for example, how to be confident, strong and never give up achieving your goals. The mini-story and point of view lessons will teach you English grammar in the effortless way. However, these lessons are also inspiring, beyond learning a language the stories from these lessons will teach you how to face any challenge.

When you join Effortless English you will read others' members' opinions on a forum. All of them are very enthusiastic. Below I present one student opinion:

"I have to say that I'm a huge fan of Power English. It's the best English lesson in my life. Everything of Power English is great. Sound quality is very impressing! The topics, all the mini-stories, main audio... In fact, no word can describe such fantastic lessons like Power English!
Before listening to Power English, I did not like English so much because it's very hard and complicated. I asked myself "Why do I have to learn English"? However, after listening to Power English for three weeks, I really love English very much. My enthusiasm for English got bigger and stronger. I can feel the day that I could speak English fluently is approaching!"
Mark K.

To sum up, I think Power English lessons are the best, the most powerful English lessons you can find. I highly recommend AJ Hoge Power English lessons. I think these lessons can help any person who wants to improve their English skills and other aspects of their lives. Go to Effortless English and get these lessons, and your English and your life will become better!

Click here to go to safe and trusted official Effortless English website to start learning with Power English


AJ Hoge Power English enables people to speak the language

AJ Hoge Power English is a set of lessons that can be purchased online and downloaded by people who need practice in speaking and listening, particularly. The director of this system claims that it will enable learners to learn faster than they would using other methods, particularly if they put in the time and effort that is recommended.

A feature of this system is that it can be downloaded immediately upon purchase, and stored on a MP3 player. Speaking and listening can take place whenever convenient, even when taking exercise. Such unlimited practice is the key to learning fast. That is why the word 'power' is used.

The rationale for this system comes out of theoretical work that was developed during latter half of the twentieth century and is known broadly as 'communicative' language teaching. The theory proceeds from the premise that languages are learnt naturally through a process of copying the sounds that we hear around us as we live in a language community.

There is always a gap between theory and practice in teaching. Being in a classroom full of demanding and expectant students is very different to the theory that is expounded on in teacher training colleges. Even teachers who have been taught the theory of communicative language teaching are tempted to fall back on the way that they were themselves taught when they find themselves behind a teacher's desk.

They talk too much, explaining grammar and vocabulary. But students learn best when they are themselves talking, using the target language to communicate. Language use involves more than sounds. Gesture, facial expression and voice modulation are important aspects of any language in use. People who are using a language for real must understand the idiom of the language and things like irony and sarcasm.

One cannot really learn a language by doing discrete exercises and knowing grammar rules. That is why millions of people spend ten or twelve years in school classrooms learning a second language only to feel completely tongue tied when they try to use it. Even teachers in China may be unable to make themselves understood when they speak to native speakers. The same certainly goes for English speakers with a smattering of Mandarin learnt in a classroom.

AJ Hoge Power English lessons are based on the error ridden conversations that occur in the real life. The Effortless English method and topics used in Power English lessons creates a perfect combination.  This set of lessons is recommended to anyone who really wants to develop the English speaking confidence.


Effortless English Warning! - Check whether you should or not buy these lessons

Read this post if you want to buy AJ Hoge Power English lessons, but you are still unsure if they would be good for you. There are some reasons why you should not buy Power English lessons.

1. If you think that after you buy these lessons you will automatically speak English fluently - you are WRONG! As with every learning method there is work required. You need to follow exactly learning instructions, and you need time to learn.

2. If your goal is to pass test or exam, and you don't care about actually speaking English - don't buy these lessons. Power English lessons are constructed to teach you speak English, not to pass tests.

3. If you are obsessed with learning grammar structures - these lessons are not for you.  Effortless English will teach you to speak correctly and grammatically, but you will never learn grammar.

4. If you are lazy and need someone to keep you learning - you will not succeed with Effortless English. These lessons were created for independent learners who are determined and really want to speak English well.

Ok. Bearing this in mind I still highly recommend Power English lessons for everyone who wants to learn to speak English. Why?

1. If you are really determined to speak English well, these lessons can help you achieve this goal in the shortest possible time. AJ Hoge used the most effective learning methods to create his course. That's why is so important that you exactly follow learning guide. Only then you have a chance for fast progress.

2. Thousands of people already used Effortless English method successfully. I am one of them. When I started to learn I had a lot of problems with my English speaking. After few months, I have noticed that I could speak much easier, and I was not afraid to speak anymore. I still listen to these lessons even though I could speak easily now. I do this because I like them, and I know that more practice is always better.

3. Power English lessons are in mp3 format. Therefore, you can record them and take them with you wherever you go. In this way, you can intensify you learning process.

4. These lessons are not boring! The topics of the lessons are interesting and mini-story lessons are very funny. You will laugh when you listen to these lessons. AJ Hoge is not a normal teacher - he is full of energy and enthusiasm. That's why you will not be bored even after long time of listening.

5. As you probably know a motivation is a very important factor in learning success. When you join Effortless English Club you will meet other students on  a special forum that is available only for Effortless English members. All of these people are great, and they help and motivate each other.

I hope that I help you to make a decision. I believe that if you are determined to speak English well you should join Effortless English Club.


The Language Hacking Guide Review - How To Learn A New Language

You've probably come to this page because you’re looking for an honest Language Hacking Guide review right? Here’s what we’re going to discuss… Firstly, I’ll go ahead and explain why I write this review, then I point out why I would recommend the Language Hacking Guide. After that I’ll give you some details in regards what makes this program unique.

I decided to write a "Language Hacking Guide" review (by Benny Lewis) because I have read the book, and it deeply influenced the way I learn languages. This book is different than most other language learning books. Author claims that is possible to be fluent in a new language in 3 months time. He proves his claim in video where he is speaking fluently in 8 languages.

Since January 2012 Benny Lewis has updated his Language Hacking Guide course. He created video course called "Speak from day 1". At the moment you can buy both the Language Hacking Guide book and "Speak from day 1" video course as a bundle. This update makes this course even better because Benny Lewis demonstrates all of his learning techniques in videos. Now you can watch him and copy what he does to learn any language fast.

Why I would recommend the Language Hacking Guide

The Language Hacking Guide can be recommended for a great number of reasons. People who love languages, but have always struggled to learn them, will find in this work a mountain of tips that will finally move them forward. I personally use the knowledge from this book to learn new languages faster and easier. I only regret that I had no chance to read it before I started to learn my first foreign language - English. It would save me a lot of time and frustration.

Lewis is an admitted polyglot who has taken on and learned several new languages in only a few months each.  The author has a number of interesting tips for his readers, many of which are not traditional and are not covered in most other learning sources. They do work, however, and this is what makes his work unique. Benny Lewis thinks outside the box to come up with a fundamental framework that will provide the reader with the key to fluency.

What approach makes Benny Lewis' work unique?

The author focuses his work on a natural immersion process. No one learned his/her original tongue through careful study of vocabulary and grammar. Rather, conversational ability should be picked up organically, through speaking and listening. This is how small children learn their first languages, and we should copy them in the method. For those interested particularly in holding conversations with others, this is one attribute the book has that makes it so intriguing.

The book is a great motivator, even beyond the specific tips. Lewis emphasizes the importance of having a positive attitude and a willingness to overcome adversity. Learning languages does require a little bit of effort, but a good mental state is absolutely vital, as is the general knowledge that the task set forth is doable.

The Language Hacking Guide also makes it clear that people should stop speaking their native languages when moving on to second languages. Those people who attempt to remain with their old languages often find it hard to fully immerse themselves in the new ones. The old acts as a hindrance, preventing forward progress toward fluency.

Lewis runs through a list of tips that he has found helpful in his own studies. Many of them are simple but vital, such as avoiding speakers of one's own tongue, and making an effort to put oneself in situations where the prospective tongue can be practiced. In his video course "Speak from day 1" Benny explains and demonstrates the most vital tips and techniques making copy him much easier for average person.

The author also extensively discusses free resource sites, that make his book not only a guide "how" to learn a language, but also an excellent source of free learning materials of any chosen language.

Who will benefit from using the Language Hacking Guide

In this Language Hacking Guide review I recognize that the book is a great aid to learning languages. It will be especially useful to those who want to participate in conversations and speak naturally, and should lead to a new level of fluency. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who wants to use new language in shortest possible time. After 2012 update the "Language Hacking Guide" book and "Speak from day 1" video course together make the perfect learning tool for anyone who dream about speaking foreign languages.

The Language Hacking Guide + Speak from day 1 video series package is available in two versions: English and multilingual. Even if your English is bad, you still can learn from Benny in your own language. Just pick your version and start learning with Benny Lewis: