Effortless English: All You Need To Know Is Here

Welcome to my site!

I started this website because like a lot of people, I didn’t feel comfortable with my English speaking. For as long as I know, I’ve been on a constant mission to find a solution to my English speaking problem and only last year was I able to discover this solution in the form of Effortless English lessons.

In the next few paragraphs I will try to write everything important you should to know about Effortless English. I took a lot of time to write up what I believe to be a review of Effortless English that covers all aspects of how it works to help you speak English easily and automatically.

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Firstly, I’ll go ahead and explain why I write this review, then I’ll give you some details in regards what makes this learning method unique. After that I’ll point out why I would recommend the Effortless English lessons.

Why I write this review

I decided to write an Effortless English review because I have used this method to learn English, and it gave me great results and completely changed the way I learn English now.  I significantly improved my spoken English. What is very important I gained confidence when I speak English. I’m no longer afraid to speak English.

Previously, despite learning at school I couldn’t start talking. Now I have no problem to talk with foreigners in English. I decided that now is the time to share my knowledge about Effortless English method with other people who desperately want to speak English well.

Effortless English basic information


Effortless English learning method was created by AJ Hoge. He is an English teacher with 15 years of experience in teaching English as a foreign language. After many years of teaching foreign students he created his own unique learning method.

Effortless English system was created upon the very best English teaching techniques and combined them in a clear, simple, easy to use system.  In few years over one million adult students worldwide have used the system to improve their English speaking.

Effortless English method use audio lessons

The Effortless English lessons  have been created to make optimum use of all the principles of effective language learning. These lessons are in the form of mp3 recordings, which can be downloaded from the website immediately after purchase. They also contain files (e-books) with the texts of lessons, so you can print them or read directly from your computer.

What Effortless English system offers

At Effortless English, the entire focus is on speaking English easily and quickly. By using all parts of the system, you will improve your English speaking 2-5 times faster compared to other traditional English classes. When you follow the entire system every day for 6 months, your speaking becomes much faster and much easier. Your spoken grammar improves powerfully – yet you will never study grammar rules in this system. Your pronunciation improves powerfully – yet you will not focus on pronunciation.

What makes Effortless English unique

When you start learning with Effortless English you will learn”7 rules of effective English learning”:
  • RULE 1: Always study and review Phrases, not individual words.
  • RULE 2: Don’t study grammar.
  • RULE 3: The most important rule–Listen first!
  • RULE 4 (How to speak automatic English): Slow, Deep Learning!
  • RULE 5 (How to learn grammar): Use Point Of View Mini-Stories.
  • RULE 6: Only Use Real English Lessons & Materials.
  • RULE 7 (How to speak fast): Listen and Answer, not Listen and Repeat.
This rules create the base of this method. As you can see most of them are totally different from rules you have learned at school. Many people don’t understand some of this rules but AJ Hoge created them on purpose and they are very effective.

Are Effortless English lessons for everybody?

I must say: No.

Firstly, to learn with Effortless English you must have some basic English knowledge. These lessons are not for total beginners. But if you can read my review I assume that these lessons will be absolutely fine for you.

Secondly, not everybody has the same English goals. If you want to improve your English speaking and understanding these lessons will be great for you. However if you only want to pass your next exam and want to learn some grammar rules I would not recommend these method for you. Better stick to grammar textbooks.

Different Effortless English lessons sets

AJ Hoge created few different Effortless English lessons sets.  First of them are “Original Effortless English” lessons. These were first lessons he created. They were great for everybody,who wanted to start learning English in a natural way.

There is about 30 lessons packs in “Original Effortless English” lessons. Each pack contains main article lesson, mini-story lesson, point of view lesson and commentary. Every one of this lesson is created to teach different aspect of English.

Unfortunately the sound quality was not to good because lessons were recorded at home. That is why AJ Hoge created much better lessons called “Power English”. These lessons are recorded in a professional studio and sound quality is perfect.

I have to say that Power English are the best of all Effortless English lessons. I highly recommend Power English lessons for all level students, from beginner to advance. These lessons are more than just English lessons. When you use them, you will learn English and many other interesting informations at the same time.
Power English lessons also contains 30 sets of lessons. In each set, you will find main article lesson, mini-story lesson, point of view lesson and commentary lesson. From the main article you will learn many interesting things, for example, how to be confident, strong and never give up achieving your goals. The mini-story and point of view lessons will teach you English grammar in the effortless way. However, these lessons are also inspiring, beyond learning a language. The stories from these lessons will teach you how to face any challenge.

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Why do I recommend Effortless English

I honestly can recommend the Effortless English method to anyone who wants to improve their English. I have tried many methods before with very poor results. After I started learning with Effortless English everything changed. I finally knew that I can improve my English and become fluent English speaker. I have used this method for several months now and I must admitt that I am very happy with my progress. Do I still make mistakes sometimes? Of course I do. But I feel confident when I speak and I can easily express myself in English.

To achieve the best results with Effortless English you must follow AJ Hoge guidelines. Do not rush. You must learn each lessons set at least one week. Deep learning is very important in this method. Remeber, English learning is like marathon not a sprint.

Where and how to buy Effortless English lessons

You can buy Effortless English lessons only from the official Effortless English website. At the moment on the home page you can buy Power English lessons, but if you like to buy Original Effortless English lesons you can use my link. All lessons you can buy using credit or debit card. You can also use Paypal (You can open free account there if you don’t have one).

After purchase you will receive e-mail with download link from Effortless English. That’s why you can download lessons almost immediately after purchase. After downloading lessons you can use them on your computer or any audio device you want. You will also receive access to Effortless English forum where you can meet with other students from all over the world.

Good luck with your English learning and I hope to meet you on Effortless English forum.

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