Learning English Online – Best Gift Of Technology

The best proof that technology is at its booming stage is the birth and the continued development of the World Wide Web. Everyday, millions of people go online as a part of their daily routine.
Internet is More than Just a Phenomenon.

The Japanese CEO goes online to check the stock market, a host of an American daily talk show checks the news around the world online to get a picture of the things that he can possibly discuss in his program, the dutiful housewife living in the Philippines checks the literature of her children’s medicines in a medical website. A German student checks his mail for recommendations his adviser makes in the thesis he sent the night before and the fashion-minded modern French woman checks fashion websites for the latest trends. Truly, the Internet has become a way of life.

English is Like Good Music
There is one common thing among these people who live around the world; they are searching for online resources that are presented to them in one language – the English language. While there are some websites that provide translations, most of the available websites are in the English language.
The words of the English language are like lyrics to a very popular song and lines to a movie rerun that is played over and over. You hear it being spoken even in the narrowest street in your neighbourhood. No matter where you go in the world, you have a very good possibility of coming across someone who speaks English. It dominates the world in many ways and it will be very difficult for someone who does not know how to speak English to mingle with other people.

Not a Time to Worry
Fortunately people who find difficulty speaking English need not fret because after years of waiting, they can now learn English speaking online. This is yet another breakthrough that will benefit a lot of people. It will not only benefit the people who wish to take online English courses but it will also benefit the geniuses who painstakingly programmed and created these modules and integrated them online.

These geniuses have made online English learning flexible as the target audience of this type of learning range from pre-schoolers to retirees. They have also made it a fun experience thanks to the different mode of instruction that they have successfully designed. Most of all they opened the gates to English instruction to those who fear to take spoken English courses because of the thought that they may be laughed at when they commit a simple mistake in diction and intonation.

Birth of Opportunities to Learn and Earn
The recognition by different types of people from different countries and different walk of life of English as the universal language has made English lessons online a lucrative business for many companies, programmers and spoken English experts. This has become the greatest impact of the language to technology. Gone were the days when one is required to enrol in an institution that provides formal education on the English language. Learning English, with the help of technological advancements, is now within arm’s reach.


How To Take An English Course Online

English is an important language to know in these advanced times. Business from around the world is transacted in this language. Despite differences that people might have, when they talk in English it unites them. But for someone who speaks another language, learning English can be difficult. Thanks to technology, however, they can take an English course online.

Online courses tend to be cheaper than courses taught in person. Budgets tend to be tight these days, so fees is an important consideration. They also offer more flexible hours tailored for the student. A traditional course will require a person to travel to their location, at a specific time. For the working person, time is a precious commodity. But an online course means that you don't have to waste time getting ready and travelling, and you can also study at whatever time you want.

An online course would ideally offer an opportunity to interact with an English speaker. A web cam is a device which can facilitate this. It allows people to speak to each other. By listening to the pronunciation of the instructor, the student builds up his or her vocabulary. They then build up their knowledge of English grammar by replying. This kind of interaction is just as good as being face to face.

Some time should be spent prior to the session preparing. A lesson plan will tell the student what will be discussed on any given day, so they can prepare for it. A good textbook is an invaluable resource that the student will be constantly referring to. Detailed notes will allow students to learn by themselves and will enable them to monitor their progress.

Some time should be spent researching online courses. You should first make a survey of all the websites offering courses. Then you will want to spend some time looking at each of these websites, and examining what the content of the course will be, and if what they claim to be able to teach seems reasonable. There will be a range of different prices, but rather than going for the cheapest price, try to get good value. That means that if a course costs more, but they also offer more, they should still be considered.

One might think that just spending time talking to a person over the web cam is sufficient to learn the language, but this is not really the case. A lot of time must be spent doing homework before one can be proficient enough to speak in English. For this reason, a person should prepare so that they will be ready to carry on a good conversation with their instructor.

An English course online is the cheapest and most effective way of learning the language. A person may not learn it overnight, but with patience and hard work they are bound to succeed.

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Importance of Learning the English Language: Why Learning English Online Is Better Than Classroom Training

Today, everyone recognizes the importance of learning the English language. Moreover, the advent of the Internet has made learning English online a better option than doing it in a traditional classroom. The ability to speak and write English properly allows people to advance in the professional world. Being able to speak in English also widens one’s horizon in communicating globally. A proof of the necessity of learning English is the proliferation of websites that offer English lessons online. Another proof is the increasing number of people who prefer this medium of learning everyday.

Why is learning English important to everyone in the modern world? Most people study English for work. Businesses worldwide use English as the universal language and medium of communication.  To able to either immigrate or work in English speaking countries like the US, UK and Australia, one must pass examinations such as IELTS. This is also true if one want to enter a foreign school or university. But even outside the professional world, being able to communicate properly in English allows the ability to portray oneself better. This ability results to gaining better acceptance and understanding as well as respect from other people.

 Everyone is aware of the importance of learning the English language. The easy access to computers and Internet for everyone and the increasing number of web-based English courses has made a lot of people to study English online. Here are some reasons why many people believe learning English online is better than classroom training :
• FLEXIBILITY, ACCESSIBILITY AND PRACTICALITY : Learning English online allows you to study English at your own pace at your own time. Regardless of how busy your schedule is, you can choose the most convenient time and place that you can take your English lessons. Also, learning English online allows you to take your lessons at your own speed depending on your aptitude and availability. There is no pressure from anybody except yourself. It is also very practical to learn English online because you do not have to drive to school. You save on travel time and gasoline/transportation expenses. Moreover, the web offers a lot of free English courses for everyone to take advantage of.
• BROADER EXPOSURE TO KNOWLEDGE : Since there are a lot of available online English courses to choose from, you are not limited to the knowledge of one instructor alone. You can learn from various online instructors and training modules from across the globe. Also, learning English online exposes you to different English concepts that are applied in real business operations. In most cases, you can’t really learn these concepts from books.
• ADDITIONAL KNOWLEDGE IN USING TECHNOLOGIES : Using the Internet for your English lessons, research information and interaction with other learners enhances your navigating skills through the computer and web technologies. These skills are critical in the 21st century business community that requires working with colleagues globally and across all time zones.

Aside from all the above advantages, learning English online also allows you to choose the best module and learning style that suits you whether it is for business or personal purpose. The Internet offers a wide spectrum of content that are easily accessible at your fingertips. In fact, you can even find interactive lessons that allows you to communicate with fellow learners through chats, emails and the like. This enhances your communication skills all the more.

In today’s fast paced world, one must be able to adapt and be flexible while recognizing the need to learn. Web browsers and Internet connections are available everywhere, you just have to take advantage of the resources that are around you. With this in mind, learning English will not be difficult. Not only that, the knowledge and expertise you learn from learning English online will allow you to read the vast and informative news and articles in the English language. Knowledge of the English language keeps you abreast to the rest of the world . And with the knowledge and skills that you gain from learning English online, limitless personal and business opportunities are made wide open for your taking.


The Key To Speak English Fluently

In school, you learned with your eyes. You read textbooks. You studied grammar books. You took tests.
Most of all, you learned to think about English. You analyzed English.
For English writing, that is OK. When you are reading and writing, you have time. You can go very slowly. You can think about every word and every sentence.

The great challenge of speaking and listening to English is speed! To speak English fluently requires speed! When a native speaker asks you a question, for example, you don’t have time to think about grammar rules. You don’t have time to translate. You must INSTANTLY understand and reply quickly and automatically.
That is the key to speaking English fluently – speed.

The problem is - the learning methods you learned in school caused you to be slow. You were trained to think and analyze. As a result, you have trouble understanding quickly. And when you try to speak, you often translate from your own native language. Even worse, when you speak you often worry about using correct grammar. You are thinking, thinking, thinking all the time. This is why both your understanding and your speaking are so painfully slow.

AJ Hoge created the 7 Rules email course to teach you how to speak English fluently. The learning methods you learn in the course are totally different than what you used in school. These methods are designed to give you true English fluency. Using the 7 Rules, you change the way you study and your listening and speaking speed gets faster, and faster, and faster.

The more you use the 7 rules, the faster your speech becomes. Your English speaking also becomes automatic - and that is the true key to speaking English fluently. You speak automatic English when the words come out of your mouth without thinking. No translating. No worrying. No thinking at all. Just fast, fluid, effortless speaking and listening.
That is Effortless English fluency!
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Join an English Club

One of the most powerful ways to learn English is to join an English club. A club is an informal group of people who share a common purpose.

Because they are informal, English clubs are much more fun than school. You don't need to worry about tough teachers, or a lot of homework, or boring textbooks, or a rigid schedule. English clubs are a more fun and flexible way to meet other English learners.

I highly recommend the Effortless English Club because membership in the club is exclusive. Most international online English clubs are open to everyone. That means a lot of immature, negative, insulting people join the club. If you look on the forums of most clubs, you find a lot of insults and a lot of arguing.

What I love about the Effortless English Club is that everyone CANNOT join. The club is only open to people who first buy the Effortless English Club lessons. This means that only serious students, who are dedicated to improving their speaking, actually join the club.

Another great thing about the club is that the forums are monitored very closely. Any member who is insulting or negative towards other members is immediately and permanently removed from the club. The result is a club full of tremendous people - super-energetic, super-friendly English learners who are very happy to answer your questions, talk to you (on Skype), and help you in any way they can.

I highly recommend getting the Effortless English lessons and joining this club. You will learn English much faster, and improve your speaking much faster, when you join the club.
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Tips to Improve Spoken English

Improving English language skills is a major concern for many people whose mother tongue is not English. Different people have different accents and this makes the whole process a bit tedious.
Pronunciation and the right usage of words often become difficult due to impact of native accent on the language. However, there are several ways to improve spoken English.

The English Learning Process

Some experts believe that there are 2 different kinds of motivations that inspire a person to improve spoken English skills. These are called integrative and instrumental motivation.
Experts state that instrumental motivation provokes a learner to pick up the language in order to attain some specific means. Integrative motivation influences a person to improve language skills in order to get a better perspective of a language, the people who speak it and their culture.

Sources to Improve Spoken English

There are several methods and processes that help in enhancing language skills. Relevant sources point out that if certain things are kept in mind during the learning process, then language improve considerably.
Specialists claim that comprehensive inputs should be referred to while learning the English language. The question is where can a person find such input? Experts point towards the internet as a potential source for comprehensive input.

There are several good English speaking courses that are offered to learners. Some of the sites are free, whereas others charge a nominal fee. Effortless English Course is considered to be a good course for people learning English speaking.

Observing and listening to good English speakers is a very important step towards improving spoken English. Watching their mouth and tongue movements helps with pronunciation and word usage in the long run.
Many experts point out that the radio is a great source to listen to such commentaries and speeches. It helps to soak in the right accent, inflection and word stress. Watching old classic movies and English documentaries is another medium that's more effective, as it also provides visuals to follow with the language. This makes the learning process more engaging and convenient for the learner.

Some reports stress that those learning the language should not try to speak too fast. Often it is noticed that when learners attempt to speak very fast, they end up using incorrect intonations and rhythm.
If there is a confusion regarding a certain word, its pronunciation and inflection pattern, the best book to be kept close is a good English dictionary. It helps to familiarize learners with a whole array of new words. Also, gradually a person can start picking the harder words in English language.

One way to check whether a person is learning to speak correct English is for the person to reading aloud everyday and record his readings. Once recorded, these records can be listened to again and again to check if the spoken English skills have improved or not.

Fluency in English might be somewhat difficult for some people to achieve. However, by following these steps, experts claim that it should be a possible feat. Patience and regular practice helps a person to improve spoken English to a great extent.


Learn English Through its Proverbs

If you are looking for a new approach to learning English, study English proverbs. A proverb is a short saying used to express a well-known truth. Proverbs are a quick way to communicate and they reveal how a culture has developed. The truth of a proverb is often a truth which every culture recognizes about human nature or the physical world. Each culture expresses this truth in its own unique way. By studying the proverbs of any language, you gain new insight into both the culture and the native way of speaking. Here is how to include proverbs in your study of English. Each of these paragraphs starts with a proverb.
A good beginning makes a good end. Meaning: If a task is carefully planned, there is a better chance it will be done well. Plan your effort to learn English proverbs. I suggest learning one new proverb a week. Jot it down on several 'sticky notes'. Post the notes in locations where you will see them often during your day. Think up conversations which allow you to use the proverb and practice it with your English-speaking friends. Ask yourself if your native language has a saying with a similar meaning. What is different about the way the basic truth is stated? The differences reveal cultural references and influences. They give you a better insight into English culture.
Great oaks grow from little acorns. Meaning: Large successful operations can begin from something small. You can find proverbs by searching the internet on "English proverbs with explanations", "English proverbs", or "English proverbs with meanings". Books of proverbs can be checked out from the library or purchased from book stores.
Learning is treasure that will follow its owner everywhere. Meaning: Education is something you keep forever. Remember you are learning English to improve yourself and to improve your understanding of others. Perhaps you will also improve your chances of getting a job. Education is precious and worth the effort you make to get it.
Practice makes perfect. Meaning: Doing something repeatedly is the only way to get good at it. Use the proverb you are studying as often as you can. Look the proverb up on the internet and see what you find.
If wishes were horses, then beggars would ride. Meaning: Wishing alone is not enough, you must act. Reading this article is a start to increasing your English vocabulary. Search the Internet. Watch the news broadcast in English. Go to the library. Talk with English speakers.
When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Meaning: You should adopt the customs of the people or country you are visiting and behave in the same way. Of course, people do not use proverbs constantly. Speech laden with proverbs becomes trite. People want to hear your own thoughts on the topic of discussion. However, a well-placed proverb can bring instant understanding and displays knowledge of both the English language and culture. This helps both you and your listeners feel more comfortable.


Repetition with Intensity - the key to success in English learning

Intensity means power, concentrated power. Repetition means doing something again and again and again. Maybe this is the bad news or the good news, but the truth is to learn English, to learn any language, to learn any skill, to be a master you have to have a lot of repetition.
And this is something that a lot of people don’t like and they say “Oh my god, I’m bored. I don’t want to listen to this again". Unfortunately a lot of people have this idea with language learning for some reason.Most people understand if you learn a sport you have to repeat the same basic actions again and again and again.
So why, when we are learning English or learning any language, do we say “Oh, I don’t want to study this any more, I already know it. I already know the present tense. I already know these words. I already know this grammar. I already know this lesson.”
It’s not enough. We need a lot of repetition, a lot of repetition with power, with intensity.
In fact you have to focus on the basic things, the most frequent, core, fundamental, important parts of the language. You have to focus on them every day, you never stop. Yes, you will start to learn some advanced vocabulary. Yes, you will learn some of that great advanced grammar that you always want to learn. But that stuff is just extra. Always, the core, main focus of your learning must be the fundamentals, the high frequency words, the most common grammar structures, and the basic pronunciation of the language. You never stop practicing those. You never stop improving them. Every day you should continue to focus on them.
Well, your next question is probably how. Because the problem with this is that it gets boring.Everyone who wants to be a master has this same exact problem. It’s a mental problem. And we have to learn how to practice with a lot of repetition but continue to feel strong,continue to have energy and intensity. That’s the trick. That’s the secret.
So one way you do this is to manage your emotions. You must keep your energy high. When you listen to English lesson you should be smiling and moving. Your head must be up, shoulders back and you must breathe deeply. It will help you repeat again and again without boredom. When your body, when your physiology is strong, you get bored less easily, you focus more.
Managing your beliefs will also help. Thinking constantly about what you want in the end. Imagining yourself as a successful English speaker. All of these things are building your energy. And that will help you repeat more often with more energy.
There’s one more secret to repetition and this is something that all masters do and have always done. It’s a key point to using repetition most powerfully. When you repeat, you don’t just do the same exact thing. You find small distinctions each time. A distinction is a difference, an important difference.
For example, when you learn new lesson you eventually know now all of the vocabulary. You understand easily. So next you change your focus, a new distinction. Next, you don’t focus on just understanding. Next, you focus on speed. You decide “I’m going to answer questions very fast.” It’s repetition, it’s the same thing again but now you have a new distinction, a new focus, a little bit different way of repeating. And that’s kind of a game, it keeps your brain awake. It keeps your brain alive.
This is how the masters do it. This is how Michael Jordan got better and better and better as a basketball player. He didn’t just shoot, shoot, shoot, same thing every day. No, every week or every month he changed his distinctions. He reached a certain level, he decided “I want to go higher.” So he focused on something a little different.
By following this system every time you learn you will get a lot more repetitions for each lesson. Therefore, you will learn it much more deeply. You will never forget this. If you follow this system, every lesson will be stuck in your brain 10 years from now. Good luck!
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Effortless Business English

To learn business English you must use the same methods you use to learn English in general. In fact, the only difference between general English and business English is vocabulary.

So, learning business English is really just a matter of learning a specific set of vocabulary that is useful and relevant to your particular bsiness needs.

That's good news, because vocabulary learning is extremely easy!

Now here's the bad news: if your general English speaking ability is not good, your business English will be terrible. In other words, before you worry about business English, you must be sure to develop excellent general conversation ability.

Why is this important? Because business people are human beings. Most of the conversations you have with clients, customers, partners, and co-workers will use general English. Before you worry about the specialized vocabulary of your business, first be sure you can understand real English conversations and speak fluently.

The best way to develop that ability is to learn English with the Effortless English system. Effortless English is a unique system of learning that utilizes a listen-first approach and powerful teaching techniques to speed the learning process.

After completing the system, you are ready for business English. Your business English learning must focus on two activities: reading business books, journals, and magazines in your industry and listening to business news, radio, and podcasts about your industry.

Since you developed your general English abilities first, you can now focus solely on vocabulary, and the best way to learn a lot of vocabulary fast is through "narrow" reading and listening. Narrow reading is simply reading a lot of materials on a very specific, narrow topic... while narrow listening, of course, is listening to materials that all focus on a very specific narrow topic.

This is powerful because the more you read and listen narrowly, the more the same words and phrases will be repeated.. and the faster you will learn.

Another great resource for effortless business English learning are the "Success Business English Lessons" available from Effortless English.

By following this method of learning, you will quickly master both general English conversation and business English.

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English Fluency - Learning to Speak Better Faster

Being fluent in English may be a dream for some, but there is a way to reach this dream quickly. Here are some tips for faster English fluency.

English fluency is the goal of many ESL students. They want to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other English speakers without embarrassing misunderstanding arising due to poor word choice or incorrect intonation. Perhaps they have a trip planned to an English speaking country or they have native English friends or distant family members who are visiting. Whatever the reason, they want to learn English quickly and be able to speak it fluently enough to be understood. While it is possible to quickly learn a new language, it is certainly not an easy task. However, here are a few tips to help you with your goal.

Commit to Learning - This is very important that you commit to learning to speak English. It is a very challenging language to learn and if you are not committed to learning it, you will not stick with it when things get really tough. It is much easier to stay focused on improving your English fluency when you have an end goal in mind. That end goal can be anything from wanting to navigate an English speaking country easily to being able to make conversation with that English boy or girly that you like, as long as it motivates you to consistently study.

Immerse Yourself in the Language - Learning or improving English fluency quickly entails exposing yourself to the language as much as possible. Think about how you first learned your native language. You were surrounded by people who spoke it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After awhile, you began picking up on the meaning of words and learned how to communicate. It’s the same with learning a second language. You should be reading books, listening to audio programs, and interacting with native English speakers every moment you get.

Practice, Practice, Practice - If you want your English fluency to be as natural and second nature as your own native language, then you need to practice it as much as you possibly can. A great way of doing this is to talk to yourself. Speak your thoughts out loud whenever you perform an action or have a thought. For example, when you choosing what to eat for breakfast, state your thought process out loud in English. This will help you learn how to convert your native language into English much faster and easier. This is probably best done in the privacy of your own home especially if you want to avoid being thought of as a crazy person.