How To Speak English Well

English is a diverse language spoken in over fifty (50) countries where it is the official language hence this makes it the most popular language in the world. Communicating in Basic English is both simple and difficult depending on the people and the culture you encounter across the world. Hence the need to learn how to communicate in English in a well versed manner.
Use of the correct terms
When communicating in English one has to be careful when using basic terms as they may give a wrong message to those spoken to. The tenses in English matter a lot when one is communicating as they refer to the time one is speaking about, so when we are in a conversation its always advised to be accurate with the tenses used as these may affect other people's understanding and create a wrong message.

Mouth movements
When speaking English especially for those who are not fluent in it, it’s always ideal to watch (not stare) your opponents mouth movement which helps you to understand what the other person is saying. Speaking is not racing so always try and be slow in your speech as these will help you to be sound and clear when communicating.

Reduce your pace
If you are heavy with a vernacular accent, always try to speak slowly as these will increase your chances of being understood and create a safe environment for your communication. English has its own tune of speaking. If you are keen enough you will notice that when one speaks a different language they sound differently from the other one speaking a completely different language. Therefore always learn the the music of English and it will be safe for your communication.

Read a lot
When you read a lot it raises your chances of knowing more vocabularies and teaches you how to use them correctly. These increases your understanding level as well as puts you on check with other English speakers who may be good in English or the ones you communicate with. You can also read the dictionary as these explains to you the definitions of some vocabularies new to you.

When you are confident in your speech, it enhances your speaking power as you won’t have to fumble with words when speaking them. Confidence can be created when you try reading out aloud, as these improves your fluency and speed in your English.

Just as in mathematic practice makes perfect. You can practice good English speaking daily by speaking it. When you engage in speaking English daily these creates an atmosphere of change as the more you speak it the more you get to know it.

Be passionate
When one wants to learn anything, they have to be passionate about it. By finding passion in English you will learn it much easier. You can feed your passion in many ways. One way is by singing English songs. Singing improves your wording as not every word you hear will be audible enough for you to hear it right, hence giving you the curiosity to know the words correctly. Read English books in the topic you are passionate about. And of course watch English movies as these keeps you at pace with the spoken English.


English Learning Games - Learn English In a Fun Way

Sometimes is good to try different methods of English learning. If you are bored by boring grammar books and exercises try English learning games. This way you will have fun and learn at the same time.

Below, I am pleased to provide a selection of English learning games for ESL students. Just look for your level and start play the games to improve your English language skills right away. Have a fun!

I hope that you will enjoy playing English learning games. Have a good time learning English :) 


English Learning Community - Effortless English Club

When learning anything, especially when learning English, it’s important to have a community - a club of other enthusiastic learners.   This is why people continue to go to schools, even though they know the schools’ methods are terrible.  People want a community.  They want to join with other people.  They want the increased motivation, support, and inspiration that a community provides.

Which is why our website is called the Effortless English CLUB.   Effortless English is more than great lessons – it’s also a community of very positive and enthusiastic learners.  In fact, we are very careful about membership in our community.  We only accept the very best – English learners who are very positive and enthusiastic.

Effortless English program
We monitor our club quite closely, and we have zero tolerance for the negative, insulting, or childish behavior usually seen in internet communities.   On most internet forums, for example, you find a massive amount of insults and arguing.  We don’t allow that.  Such members are quickly and decisively eliminated from the club, and are never allowed to re-join.

Yes, this is a tough policy.  But it is necessary.   It can be difficult to create a great international learning club online.  And I admit- I am not interested in accepting and tolerating everyone.  My goal is to create an international English learning club of only the very best learners.  I want the most enthusiastic, the most supportive, the most friendly, the most energetic members in the world…  and that, in fact, is exactly what we have.

The members of the Effortless English Club are absolutely amazing.  The level of enthusiasm and friendliness is tremendous.   New members are always very happy to discover such a fun and supportive learning club.  We have many super members who will answer your questions, give you learning advice, encourage you when you feel tired, and inspire you with their success.


Now, I want to talk a little about the mission of this Club. Why are we here?

First, we are here to support and encourage each other as learners. When learning anything, there are always times when we feel tired or have doubts. At those times, we need the support and encouragement of friendly enthusiastic people. Here, you will find wonderful members who are always willing to encourage and help you.

Second, we are here to connect in friendship, as human beings. English is a tool for communication and connection. I feel that The Effortless English Club is a family. We will always help each other when we can.... in any way we can. We are here to make true friendships. Many of our members go beyond these forums: they connect with each other by email, with Facebook, and with Twitter. They also talk to each other using Skype. We have many good friendships here.

Finally, we have a bigger mission. Unfortunately, the traditional English education industry is terrible. Most classes are boring. Worse, many students have very negative experiences in their English classes. They feel foolish, bored, frustrated, and upset.

My hope is that together, we will change English education all over the world. English learning can be fun, exciting, and very positive. English teachers should be making their students feel happy. They should be teaching their students to LOVE English... and LOVE learning.

I can't do this alone... but we all can do this together. Let's change the way the world learns English. Let's show them that learning and speaking English can be fun, easy, and exciting. Let's show them how to connect in friendship, using English. Let's show them a better way than the old terrible methods.

That is our mission - together!

As always, enjoy your English learning!

AJ Hoge from, http://effortlessenglishclub.com