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"I live in Mexico City. I want to thank you for the excellent work you are doing. My pronunciation and fluency have improved! Last week I was in Cleveland, USA. I was talking with real native speakers! My experience with the English language was really good-- I really could express many emotions and ideas."  José Antonio Abraján Pérez, Mexico City

"Hello, I want to say some words about my experience in learning english. I have learned english many years...at first I had learned english at school. It was boring and not useful for me. I couldnt say anything in english. We learned grammar books, rules, how to use tenses... After finishing high school I could say only some sentences about me and my family sad . After many years I had possibility to go to different english courses. But any way I could not speak easily, my vocabulary was too short. And surprisingly I found a link to Effortless English learning system. I registered to 7 rules and purchased these lessons. I have listened them every day many times till now. I am obssesed with english and I love this way of learning. Now Im so happy I can write without effort, without translating from my native language. Its the best way to learn english I had ever known smile " Kristina, Lithuania
"I started to learn English few years ago. First I lernt German at school for many years but unfortunately I wasn't successful with this language. I tried learn English with language school first. It wasn't bad, but it was very expensive so I had to quit after few monts. Later I tried to learn English with many different methods but I still couldn't speak English easily.
Few months ago I found Effortless English course on internet. I was sceptical about this method when I found it, but later I started free e-mail course and I learnt how I should learn English. It was completely different than everything I lernt before. What is most important - my English is better now. I'm still not pefectly fluent, but I can speak English much easier than before and I really enjoy learning now. I hope to be fluent in near future. To have chance to really learn any language we must enjoy learning process, because if we struggle or if we are bored we have very little chance to be successful."
Marek, Poland

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