Better learning method - better results

I have always wanted to speak English fluently. Few years ago I started to learn English for the first time. During about six months I managed to achieve basic level of English, then I gave up. It was very tough and overwhelming. All of this difficult grammar rules made me feel useless language learner. I thought that it was my fault and I have no ability to learn foreign language. Now I know that reason of this struggle was completely different. Problem is not in our ability to learn or in language difficulty, but in the method we use to learn English or other foreign language. Most of language schools use very outdated and artificial learning methods.
Have you ever thought why children learn languages so easily? Children learn language in natural way, mainly by listening and therefore they learn fast and keep what they learnt for long time.
Luckily few months ago I found new method of learning English that is based on scientific research and let you learn English naturally and very effective. What is even better this method is much cheaper than most other learning methods.
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