Learning English is Definitely Useful

There is no use in pretending and under-estimating the importance of learning the English language. English enjoys the status of the international language and it is spoken even in far-flung countries. It is estimated that more than 1.5 billion people of the world speak this language and the number is increasing. To learn English language may look difficult but if you are sincere and make consistent efforts and practice, you can learn English more quickly and comfortably.
Though English is being spoken by such a huge population, the way the language is pronounced differs from country to country. Pronunciation will definitely get affected by the speaker’s mother tongue.
To learn English language, you must learn the alphabets first. After learning these 26 alphabets, you can shift to learning words. The number of words in English language is increasing because they keep on adding new words that are borrowed from other languages and also words that come to be used frequently due to various other factors. You should try to learn more and more words. Whenever you come across something readable in English, you should try to read it. If you find any new word during the course of your reading, you should make it a habit to jot it down. You must refer to the dictionary to find out the meaning of the new word, how it is pronounced and how it can be used. There are some excellent dictionaries available in English to teach you all these things. You also have dictionaries in English-to-your-language of your choice which will be useful in the initial stages. You also have online dictionaries that can be used anytime.
Reading more and more of it is one of the best methods to learn English language. You can choose anything to read, may it be a fiction, an essay, a novel or a newspaper. You are sure to come across new words and new usages. You must immediately jot them down to be learned perfectly by referring to a dictionary.
As is the case with other languages, the immersion technique is the best to learn English language. You can listen to English channels on the television so that you will hear how the language is spoken, how different expressions are used to explain events and news and so on. If you keep on listening to the program you like most, you will not get bored. But you should always remember to jot down the new words and expressions. You also have plays and movies on these English channels and they may also be helpful to you when you try to learn English language.
There are a few interesting games online and offline that may help you to learn English language. Games like word building, jumble of words, word puzzles, etc. will make things interesting to you.
You should practice the words you learn as often as possible. This will help you to get your pronunciation, sentence formation and grammar corrected by those who already know the language.
Retention of the words and expressions you learn is the most important thing to learn English language. But this aim can be achieved by practicing the words and expressions as frequently as possible.
You have several English online courses available that have interactive sessions, using which you can learn English language. But you should do your research and choose the best one that suits your style. The best benefit you can derive out of such online courses is that you can learn it at your convenient pace and at the convenience of your home.
By learning English, you can comfortably visit any place in the world because in almost all the countries, you can find people who speak English. But you should keep working hard and also adopt patience to learn English language perfectly.
Author: Jon Einshemerin
Article Source: EzineArticles.com

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