How to Improve Your English Speaking Skills

Speaking English puts many foreigners in a tough task. Although you are good at other skills, such as writing and reading, you still get bad results in speaking. How to improve this thing? This article shows you the way of increasing speaking ability.

How can I improve my English speaking skills?

1) Targets - Set yourself five words a day to practice speaking. Keep a log of words that you are going to master and review them regularly. Learn both the meaning and the pronunciation. Try to practice the words with a native speaker, so any corrections can be made to the pronunciation if it is incorrect.

2) Listen - Pay close attention to how English words are spoken. Listen to English songs, watch English movies and TV as often as possible. These activities will help you get familiar with the sounds that you need to replicate. You will be exposed to an array of different accents and get used to how native speakers talk.

3) Talk - Seek out people to talk to using the words that you have learned. When you speak try and be as clear as you can, talk slowly so as not to run over your words and help others to understand what you are saying.

4) Patience - Don't be too hard on yourself. Learning a new language is not easy and there will be times when you cannot remember words and make mistakes. Stay calm and be patient with yourself if you forget a word, use an alternative word if there is one or allow the person you are talking to help you out.

5) Read - Read as many books and articles you can find. Read them out loud and to a native speaker if possible.

6) Friends - Make friends with as many native English speakers you can find. Let them know you are trying to learn to speak Englsih well and take the opportunity to chat when you can as this will rapidly increase your speaking skills.

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