Secrets to Learning English Fast

I don't understand why people think it takes so long to learn a language.  They honestly believe it needs to take years to learn it well.  The truth is that it really doesn't.  It's all about the approach.  Some people, many people, learn a language in half a year or less.  The problem is that most people learn slowly.  What's the difference?

1.  People who learn English quickly are the ones who study pretty much every day.  They don't get excited for a while and then quit.  They keep going, and then soon enough, their English is a lot better than it was.

2.  The fast learners decide what is important and what is not.  Probably 90% of words are not worth studying.  Most native speakers don't even know most of the words if you read a dictionary.  Even if we know them, we rarely use them.  If you listen to native speakers talk in any language, you will find that they use the same words over and over.  They sometimes use other words, but most of the time they use under 1000 words.  That's 6 words a day for 6 months.  The trick is knowing which words to choose.

3.  Make sure you can actually use these words in sentences and real life situations.  A word you know but don't or can't use is essentially a waste of time.

If you believe what I just said, most students are probably wasting over 80% of their study time by paying attention to the wrong stuff.  No wonder they are frustrated and give up easily.  Learn a few new useful things everyday and you will absolutely Learn English Fast. 

Author: andylu2

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