Stop studying English words and grammar to speak English like native

By pruelpo

I understand that speaking is different from writing. After a person has spoken a word, he cannot edit it anymore like in writing. If he wrote a wrong choice of words or error in spelling – he can go back to edit and correct them.

Imagine speaking English automatically without thinking according to Mr. AJ Hoge "The words come out of your mouth easily and fast. You understand instantly. To do this, you must change the way you study English. Your first action is to stop studying English words and English grammar."

And to speak English like a native without thinking the words and the right grammar is something amusing. And maybe many people might not agree with this method, especially for the English Teachers around the world who have been teaching traditional English method for the rest of their lives.

I still remember. During my elementary, high school and college days, we were obliged to memorize English words and English grammar in our English subject. We were taught that before speaking, we have to think many times for the right word to say.

That was three decades ago, now the world is moving with high technology and there are hundred and even thousands of researchers who are working together in searching and experimenting interesting things to enhancing and to improving the quality of education of our children and people in general.

Anyone who wants to speak English like a Native speaker – according to AJ HOGE RULE 1 - he should Stop studying English words and Grammar and he should put away his text books and grammar books as well. Anyway, nothing to lose here, if it works adapt it. If not go back to text books and grammar books!

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