Break rules and learn English fast

I like to break rules. In the Effortless English Club we don’t like to follow the rules. We don’t like to do things the normal way. We don’t continue doing stupid things again and again. We don’t follow the old, boring, traditional methods of learning. We follow a new method, a new way. We succeed because we are rebels and now it’s your turn to join us.

In the Effortless English Club we break every traditional English learning rule. We don’t do anything normally. Traditional schools are concentrated on grammar. You must memorize grammar, terms, the past progressive, possessives... We break that rule. We don’t do that, absolutely never.

In traditional schools with the traditional rules they always use textbooks. You must have a textbook and you have to have tests and grades and scores. Well, we break those rules, too. We never give you a test and we never use textbooks. We use only real English, the real spontaneous English, real English books that were written for native speakers, they weren’t written for English students.

We never memorize and study hard with a lot of effort, not vocabulary, not grammar. Instead we listen easily and relax. We listen repeatedly again and again and we learn intuitively, subconsciously, effortlessly. We don’t do boring drills and exercises. You never get in a pair with another student and you practice saying some speech or some dialogue. We never do that. No, we listen and listen and then we get on the Forums and we write to each other and communicate – real communication – and then you get on Skype and you talk to each other. That is real communication focused on meaning.

In regular schools they always follow the rules. They tell you your mistakes all the time. They’re very worried about mistakes. We never worry about mistakes, never!  We worry about communication. We want to be understood. We want to communicate clearly. We worry about meaning, but never do we worry about mistakes. We know mistakes are necessary. We love mistakes. That’s how we learn. So I never correct your mistakes.

We are always breaking the rules. I, as a teacher, always break these rules. You, as an English learner - and especially as a new member of the Effortless English Club you must break the rules. With us you will become an Effortless English Club rebel. Accept it! Celebrate it! Be happy about it! Because you’re going to speak excellent English.

All the people following the rules and going to the normal schools, memorizing grammar, taking tests, they are never going to do it. Or maybe they will, but it’s going to take them years, much longer than you. And they’re going to suffer and they’re going to hate it. They’re going to be bored, tired and frustrated.

When you learn with us you’re going to be smiling and moving. You will be laughing while you learn English. You’re going to speak better than they do, your vocabulary is going to be better, your fluency will be better, your pronunciation will be better, because you break the rules. I hope I have convinced you and I hope you will join us at the Effortless English Club and proudly be a rebel in your English learning.

A.J. Hoge,  Director of Effortless English, LLC

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