There is No Failure, Only Learning Experience

“There is No Failure, Only Learning Experience.” This is one of my core beliefs, one of my central beliefs. It’s a very powerful belief and I recommend that you decide to have this belief also, because this belief will give you so much power and strength in your life.

By having this belief you will learn faster. You will succeed more and more. You will get everything you want in your life, just by believing this simple thing.

So if you had trouble with English in the past you didn’t fail and you’re not a failure. You learned something. What did you learn? Maybe you learned that grammar and translation are not effective learning methods. That’s an important lesson to learn. A lot of people never understand that. So, that’s a powerful thing that you learned.

Maybe you have learned, since then, that you can improve your English if you use the correct methods. That’s an important lesson to learn. Maybe you learned that schools are not effective and so maybe you can try something different like learning independently.

The point is you don’t label yourself as a failure. You don’t say “I failed.” You didn’t fail. You learned something from those experiences. Or you can learn something if you will think differently.

Most people learn the most when times are tough. It’s a great opportunity, but only if you see it as a learning experience, only if you have this belief. If you decide “I’m a failure, I failed” you learn nothing. You just get
sad and depressed and weak. You must remeber that there is no failure, there’s only learning.

Any time you have a tough situation ask the same question, “What have I learned? What can I learn? What can I learn from this?" You will never fail at English, you will just learn. You will learn which methods are best and which methods don’t work. You will learn what you like and what you don’t like. You will never fail.

I hope you will think very deeply and seriously about this topic. It’s a very important topic. It’s so simple, but this small change can totally change your life. Never again use the word failure or fail, especially for yourself. Speak only about learning. Speak only about results. Speak only about feedback. When you adapt this attitude you will succeed in English and in your life.

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