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Effortless English Review Start Learning English Today

Recently I have found an interesting review about the Effortless English Lessons. I am going to post this review on my blog today to show someone's else opinion about Effortless English Course.

"I have been using Effortless English Lessons for approximately 4 months. So I want to share my review with people who think of getting the course. I am a student at college and got full one year english preparation class before the high school. Also I took English lessons during the high school at least 8 hours per week.

Four months ago I met a couple of tourists while I was wandering around with a friend. And they asked me a restaurant to eat something. I wanted to answer but i could not. Actually I understood what they said. But I coudn’t reply. I felt so stressed and excited. I also felt embarrassed when my friend said “I thought you could speak English. Why couldn’t you?”. That was one of the most terrible moments in my life.

I asked the same question to myself when I got home. ”Why couldn’t I? I had to speak English very well because English was so important for my future career. It was vital. The world gets more global everyday. It is impossible to be successful in business life without speaking English. So I started to think about that question. And the answer was clear in fact. I taught English to my brain not to my body. I realized that speaking a language is a skill as playing football, playing the guitar and driving a car. You may know how to start the engine, how to shift the gear but this does not mean that you can drive a car. To be able to drive a car you have to practice it. It is exactly same thing at learning a language. I wright and read at schools but don’t listen and speak. We must listen and speak, to understand and reply instantly. Also we need repetitive practices to master it.

So I found the solution to learn English but how could I find people to practice. Firstly I thought of going abroad in the summer. I did some research and found that it would be so expensive to go to an English speaking country. I thought maybe I could find another solution that is cheaper. I typed “practice english” in Google. I found Effortless English. It was saying “How To Speak Excellent English In 6 Months Or Less”. I went on reading and it sounded a litle differrent from another English lessons. I read the testimonials. Then I joined free English course putting my e-mail in the box.

The first was the “The Key”. He was talking about the learning rules. I listened it while reading and I liked it. He also offers 6 month 200% money back satisfaction guarantee so I bought it at that time. I downloaded them immediately to my computer. I didn’t have to wait for shipping and that was really cool.

Today I am really confident when I speak English and I'm a big fan of A.J. Hoge. I appreciate him. His method is amazing. Your speaking skill is improving while you are listening. It is wierd but it is real. Also you may answer the questions outloud. He doesn’t want you to switch to second lesson set before you totally master the first lesson set. But at the schools, teachers go so fast. So we forget them very soon. A.J. goes very slowly and never want you to switch to another lesson untill learning it deeply. Also you have the chance of learning English from a native English teacher. You can speak as an American. I listen the lessons everywhere with my ipod.

This is really amazing. I am so happy with my Effortless English Lessons. Numerous thanks to A.J. for inventing and sharing this method. To conclusion, Effortless English Lessons have solved my problem and will probably solve yours, too.
Don’t hesitate to invest in it." - Derek

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