How To Learn To Speak English

How To Learn To Speak English

English can no longer simply be called a language…it is a means of communication that is vital. It is a global language, one that has transcended borders and nationalities to become a universally accepted and recognized mode of communication. In this day and age, a knowledge and understanding of the language English has become essential. It is no longer a question of literacy one has to learn English
English as a means of communication has grown in stature and popularity to the extent where an individual is considered handicapped without knowledge of the Queen’s Language as it was fondly called earlier. It has grown from being the elitist language of the erudite exalted few, to being the language that has global acceptance and now has become common parlance worldwide.

Qualities of English


For someone who has not grown up hearing the cadences of spoken English or reading it as part of the daily academic regime, learning English can be a daunting task at first. Primarily because English is a language that is always dynamic and changing. Thus there are no rigid rules to be followed. What was considered a strict no no as far as grammar was concerned even a decade ago can now be recognized as being commonly used and accepted. Thus key word here is usage. Learning the usage of words, their placement, and common expressions…all of this is very important when familiarizing oneself with English. The first step to learning English is the realization that this is a language that is constantly changing and assimilating, absorbing phrases and words from other languages and even from other fields of expertise. 10 years back who knew what 24/7 meant? But today we all know what it means. The best way to learn English is to constantly listen to those who speak well. Thus watching news channels helps one familiarize oneself with not only the diction and inflections of spoken English but also teaches one to get used to commonly used words, phrases and popular terms.

Best Ways to Learn to Speak English


The main affliction of those who are not familiar with English is the fear of going wrong. This lack of confidence must be weeded out totally. What matters is the effort to learn, not the mistakes one makes along the way. So read out aloud, from newspapers, editorials, magazines, books to friends, family and even to self. Strike up a conversation with the salesman at a perfume counter or even the cashier at the supermarket checkout.
Try and respond as much as possible in English to those about you. Get into the habit of writing a daily journal entry that will gradually improve the power of expression. Practice makes perfect and the knowledge of English is a skill that is no different from any other. Being shy will get one nowhere. The idea is to keep trying to learn English undeterred by temporary setbacks and eventually the goal will be achieved.

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