AJ Hoge Power English enables people to speak the language

AJ Hoge Power English is a set of lessons that can be purchased online and downloaded by people who need practice in speaking and listening, particularly. The director of this system claims that it will enable learners to learn faster than they would using other methods, particularly if they put in the time and effort that is recommended.

A feature of this system is that it can be downloaded immediately upon purchase, and stored on a MP3 player. Speaking and listening can take place whenever convenient, even when taking exercise. Such unlimited practice is the key to learning fast. That is why the word 'power' is used.

The rationale for this system comes out of theoretical work that was developed during latter half of the twentieth century and is known broadly as 'communicative' language teaching. The theory proceeds from the premise that languages are learnt naturally through a process of copying the sounds that we hear around us as we live in a language community.

There is always a gap between theory and practice in teaching. Being in a classroom full of demanding and expectant students is very different to the theory that is expounded on in teacher training colleges. Even teachers who have been taught the theory of communicative language teaching are tempted to fall back on the way that they were themselves taught when they find themselves behind a teacher's desk.

They talk too much, explaining grammar and vocabulary. But students learn best when they are themselves talking, using the target language to communicate. Language use involves more than sounds. Gesture, facial expression and voice modulation are important aspects of any language in use. People who are using a language for real must understand the idiom of the language and things like irony and sarcasm.

One cannot really learn a language by doing discrete exercises and knowing grammar rules. That is why millions of people spend ten or twelve years in school classrooms learning a second language only to feel completely tongue tied when they try to use it. Even teachers in China may be unable to make themselves understood when they speak to native speakers. The same certainly goes for English speakers with a smattering of Mandarin learnt in a classroom.

AJ Hoge Power English lessons are based on the error ridden conversations that occur in the real life. The Effortless English method and topics used in Power English lessons creates a perfect combination.  This set of lessons is recommended to anyone who really wants to develop the English speaking confidence.

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