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I have great news for you from Effortless English. You can now buy AJ Hoge's Power English lessons. I  bought these lessons almost two years ago, when AJ Hoge first time put them on sale. After one day special sale, Power English lessons were not available until now.

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I have to say that these lessons are the best of all Effortless English lessons. If you are intermediate or advanced English student, I highly recommend Power English lessons. These lessons are more than just English lessons. When you use them, you will learn English and many other interesting informations at the same time.

For people with lower level of English I highly recommend Original Effortless English Lessons. This set of lessons includes lessons on different levels, from beginner to advanced.

AJ Hoge created Power English lessons to do more than just teach you English. He wanted to be sure that every lesson is full of positive and inspiring messages. When you use these lessons, you will learn English, you will learn vocabulary, you will improve your grammar, you will speak more fluently, but more importantly than that you will also feed the positive emotions, thoughts, and values in your mind.

That is a very important part of these lessons. One of the main AJ Hoge goals, was to make sure that every single lesson has some kind of positive message, so that you’re getting lots of positive energy from him.

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Power English Lessons changed the way I learn languages now, but they also changed my view on other aspects of life. While learning with Power English, I have become aware of the old bad habits I have, that are not supportive or effective to achieve my goals. Power English is like having a coach by your side constantly reminding you to shift to your the best state.

The topics of each lesson are incredible and based on great books by different authors. I would say these lessons will give you many discoveries about life, and applying them would be life changing. Power English lessons help you not only to improve your English skills, but to improve your whole life, to understand yourself, to control your emotions, to be strong and happy.

Power English contains 30 sets of lessons. In each set, you will find main article lesson, mini-story lesson, point of view lesson and commentary lesson. As I said before, from the main article you will learn many interesting things, for example, how to be confident, strong and never give up achieving your goals. The mini-story and point of view lessons will teach you English grammar in the effortless way. However, these lessons are also inspiring, beyond learning a language the stories from these lessons will teach you how to face any challenge.

When you join Effortless English you will read others' members' opinions on a forum. All of them are very enthusiastic. Below I present one student opinion:

"I have to say that I'm a huge fan of Power English. It's the best English lesson in my life. Everything of Power English is great. Sound quality is very impressing! The topics, all the mini-stories, main audio... In fact, no word can describe such fantastic lessons like Power English!
Before listening to Power English, I did not like English so much because it's very hard and complicated. I asked myself "Why do I have to learn English"? However, after listening to Power English for three weeks, I really love English very much. My enthusiasm for English got bigger and stronger. I can feel the day that I could speak English fluently is approaching!"
Mark K.

To sum up, I think Power English lessons are the best, the most powerful English lessons you can find. I highly recommend AJ Hoge Power English lessons. I think these lessons can help any person who wants to improve their English skills and other aspects of their lives. Go to Effortless English and get these lessons, and your English and your life will become better!

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  1. I have once ask. the first i'm sorry about thing i write down because my English very bad. but i think you will know my mean. i'm learning Effortless English but i want learn english for electric but i don't know will i do it. please, guess me! XTRUM

  2. Hi XTRUM!
    I am sorry but I don't know any electrical English courses. I think you should keep learning normal English and find yourself a book about subject you are interested in, in your case something about electric.
    Good luck!

  3. Hi!

    I learn with Effortless English too. The lessons are great and I am really happy that I have found them.

  4. Hello there! I have to tell you this .. Effortless English is a really great course, i tried it myself, and i can clearly remember how my English was before i use AJ's methods. hhhhhhh anyway you have to try it to know what i mean! i can assure you that in two months your English will be AMAZING. You know, I wanna meet Aj one day. keep practicing.

  5. Hi, congratulations A. J. , you are the best english teacher!!!!!

  6. Hi. I used AJ Hoge's lessons to learn English. I am so happy that I found these lessons. Effortless English method works for me very well. I was able to improve my English in few months. This method is not totally effortless, you must use it every day to succeed but nothing works without work. I'd recommend this lessons to anyone who wants to speak better English.