How to Speak English - Quick Lesson: Agreeing with Someone

When you are involved in a conversation with someone, you will probably have situations where you agree with what they are saying. It is good to have a variety of ways in which you can do this, so you can choose the most appropriate phrase for the conversation.

When you learn how to speak English, make sure you learn these phrases.
“I agree.”

This is a basic way of saying you agree with a statement the other person has made.
“I think you are right.”

If the other person has said something about a particular person or situation, you could say this instead. It means you agree with their opinion or point of view.
“That is correct.”

Someone might make a statement that you agree with; if it is a factual statement you can use this sentence to respond with.
“Yes, that’s right.”

This is another way of saying that you agree with something that someone has said.
“I couldn’t agree more.”

If you feel really strongly about something someone has said, you can use this sentence to let them know how you feel.
“Yes, but why do you think that?”

It might be that you do agree with someone, in which case you can say yes and nod. But if you want to know more about their point of view you can use this sentence to get the information they need.

As you can see there are lots of ways of agreeing with someone during an English conversation.

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