How to speak good English

The claim that English is spoken by the largest number of people of the world is largely contested by the Chinese who affirm that Mandarin, which is the main spoken language of China, has a linguistic following far exceeding the number of people speaking English.Today, English is the link language among different semi-educated and educated linguistic groups in the whole world. It is the language of opportunities. Most jobs require a good knowledge of English.

To speak good English, we should keep in mind some important points. The essential qualifications of a good speaker in English are:

1) Strong desire
A person who wants to become a successful English speaker must have a strong desire to achieve his aim. To develop a strong and persistent desire, you must inculcate an enthusiasm in yourself for the study and the practice of the subject of English.You must realise the immense benefits which will accrue,if you become a good speaker.The power of speech will give you a great pleasure and a new confidence in your personality.

2) Knowledge of the subject
Before you start speaking you must have a thorough knowledge of the subject of your talk. The knowledge of your subject matter will equip you with the confidence to talk with authority before your audience. You should deliver a talk only when you know that you have some thing to say on the subject.

3) Speak with confidence
The third qualification which a speaker must have is to speak confidently. A speaker must develop the courage to face the audience. Even deep breathing for a few seconds just before facing the audience can prove to be a good morale booster for you and will cheer you up. While facing the audience you must act bravely and confidently. There sholud not be any iota of nervousness in your mind. For this purpose you must practise acting fearlessly and couragelessly. One must try to develop the qualities of boldness, courage and confidence continuously. Try to develop these qualities through sheer practice.

4) Practice makes a man perfect
It is rightly said that practice makes a man perfect. For this purpose you must practise continuously. There is no substitute for practice. For this it is essential that you must grab every opportunity of speaking English which comes in your way. This real life experience will give you the best practice. Of course, to achieve sure success you must practise speaking English by yourself a number of times, before you speak to anybody.

5) Determination to succeed
Although it is said that nothing succeeds like success yet it can be said that determination is the guarantee for a sure success. For this purpose you must have determination in yourself and you are going to master the art of speaking good English by your will power.

6) Good Vocabulary
The next qualification essential for a successful speaker in English is that he must have a good vocabulary. Words are power. To become a powerful speaker in English one must increase his word power. For this purpose, it is essential that you must develop the habit of consulting a good dictionary, as well as increasing your word power, with the help of good books on vocabulary.

By employing the above mentioned points anybody can become a good speaker in English.

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