Importance of English in modern world

English is widely used in almost all the countries across the globe. English has therefore, become a global language. By considering the vast aplication of English in today's globalized world all the foreign countries are imparting english knowledge to their native people.

English people had spread the basics of language in other countries during the colonial period itself. Now the importance of English is widely accepted in all areas of work. Many foreigners believe that speaking English is their status and need to learn it at any cost.

When a person wants to go to any other country for job purpose, then one of the prerequisite has become the knowledge in English. Otherwise, the job seeker has to restrict himself in his own country with limited prospects. English has taken its position as second language in the foreign countries with the view of utilising the language for their country's growth.

In this globalized world, we know that most of the companies are outsourcing their non-core business activities to developing countries to reduce the cost factor. To perform this kind of outsourced work, people in developing countries need to have the knowledge of English. They will be able to do the work without migrating physically to other countries with the help of technology.

By considering this vast business opportunity other countries also started learning English as part of their academic subjects starting from the primary level itself. It has been seen in developing and under-developed countries that learning English has become a part of their social status. Only educated people will be able to speak English fluently and without grammatical errors in such countries. The global importance of English has compelled them to change their basic educational system by giving much emphasize to English education.

We know that the technological equipment use the primary language as English. If a person does not know English, then he will be degraded in the society. Mobile phones and Computers use English as the primary medium of communiciation. English knowledge is very essential in order to utilize this kind of electronic devices which are very common  in modern life.

In some countries they even splitted the schools into two groups: English medium schools and the second one specialized in their national language. The importance of English cannot be confined within the four walls of schools and colleges. It has wide application in our daily life. That is the reason why English has got much significance all over the world.

In US and UK it is no doubt that everybody speaks English in their daily life. But in third world countries if a person speaks English in a crowd, then others will stare at him without knowing what he speaks of. Although people are educated in cities, the situation is worse in rural areas.

According to the report of United Nations Organisations, some languages are going to be vanished soon as the number of speakers of the particular language is diminishing every year. But the situation is just reverse in the case of English. The number of English knowing people are increasing all over the world every year. This can highlight the importance of English among foreigner as their second language.

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