Effortless English - English made easy

By Sarah Blinco | Top of the Class

Sarah meets the innovative mind behind the Effortless English Club to discover some of the secrets to starting - and maintaining - a successful language learning business.

Fans have dubbed him "the great English teacher", but AJ Hoge, founder of one of the world's most popular English learning programs - Effortless English - insists he's just a guy who really loves what he does. "I never had a specific job in mind that I'd do when I 'grew up'. Rather, I always imagined myself traveling and exploring the world. I originally became an English teacher as a way to make a living while in other countries. To my surprise, I found that I also loved teaching!"

AJ adds that it was his passion for travel and newfound love of teaching that led the way towards the creation of Effortless English (www.effortlessenglish.com) - an innovative and interactive system of English-learning downloads (audio and video), live seminars, and social media contact.