Don't concentrate on mistakes in English

Nowadays English enjoys widespread use throughout the world. It is the native tongue of over 375 million persons in the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and is used as as an international means of communication in politics and commerce. It is the official language of many other countries.
The language itself is powerful and easy to learn, but it's written form is so difficult to master that significant numbers of adults in English-speaking countries cannot read and write. Researchers have found that fewer than seven percent (7%) of the words in the English orthography are spelled the way they sound.
Starting with the name of the language, which, based on its pronunciation, /Ing/-/lish/, should be spelled "Inglish." Therefore many people who start to learn English have problems with English spelling. They often want to "lern English" or "learn Inglish". They try hard to succeed in "English lerning". It is very easy to misspell single letter, hence many beginners want to learn "english grammer" or even "englihs grammer".
If you try master English language do not be disheartened by all of these difficulties. To be a good English speaker you don't need to concentrate on spelling or grammar. To learn English most effectively, you must focus first on English conversation. Because if you can speak English easily it doesn't matter if you make some minor mistakes. You will eliminate them later.
Therefore the key to success in English is to find the right method to  start learning process.
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