How much learning English its important for you?

There are 309–400 million native speakers and more than billion people in the world who speaks English as a second language, still number of English learners are increasing day by day. Yes! no one deny that English is a global language. Everyone has their own reason of learning English though aim is one, to achieve fluency.

Yet there are many native speakers and learners who are just "in love" with this language and I am also one of them. Whether you are a teacher, doctor, scientist, player, salesman, shopkeeper, bookseller etc…no one is spare from magic of this language. That much books and resources are available in this language is not available in any other language. That's why English learners are eager to learn this language as soon as possible. But you know, practice and patience are two keys of learning. Reasons are many but need is one, "To be Fluent".

How much English is important in your life and what is your aim behind learning this language?

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