Improving English speaking by “Narrow Listening”

“Narrow listening” means listening to many things about the same topic. This method is more powerful than trying to listen to many different kinds of things. Students who listen to similar things learn faster and speak better than students who listen to different kinds of things.
For example, you can choose one speaker or author and find many things by him. Listen to all of his podcasts, audio books, and speeches. This is powerful because all speakers have favorite vocabulary and grammar. They naturally repeat these many times. By listening to many things by the same person, you automatically get a lot of vocabulary repetition. You learn faster and deeper!
Another example is to choose one topic to focus on. For example, you could read an easy book, listen to the same audio book, listen to a podcast about the book, and watch the movie.
Pick one book, for example “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Read the book then listen to the audio book. Then watch (and listen to) the movie. Then you can listen to interviews with actors in the movie. You will learn a lot of vocabulary in a short time, and your English speaking will improve very quickly.
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