The Effortless English Club - new approach to English learning

There is a big problem in education today. All over the world, schools are killing the love of learning. Everywhere it’s the same: schools use boring textbooks, tests, grades, competition, complicated grammar rules, desks, and boring lectures to make students suffer.

Students study English speaking for years, yet still cannot speak confidently.  Everywhere, students are bored, stressed and tired. Everywhere, students are frustrated.
Naturally, we are born to learn. Naturally, we love learning. We are curious. But schools kill this natural joy of learning… they make learning boring, stressful and ineffective.

The Effortles English Club gather people from all over the world who want to speak English easily and automatically. In Effortless English Club we learn in completely different way than most schools. Our goal is to bring happiness back to learning.  It is time to make learning fun, passionate, friendly, social, powerful, successful and cooperative again!

Join Effortless English Club and together we can change education. We will show the world a better way to learn. We help our members speak English confidently. With success, some of them (and you) will travel and study abroad.  Some will get better jobs because of their English speaking ability.  Some will start successful businesses.  Some will teach their children a better way to learn.  Some will become teachers who truly care about their students success. Some will make new international friends.

I hope you will join us and become part of our Effortless English Club.
To start free e-mail course and find out more about Effortless English Club simply click the link below:

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  1. Hello, I want to say some words about my experience in learning english. I have learned english many years...at first I had learned english at school. It was boring and not useful for me. I couldn't say anything in english. Next, I had learned english in high school. We read transripted books, translated them at home, then we read our translations at english lessons. We learned grammar books, rules, how to use tenses... Wow, how we hated this method of learning...After finishing high school I could say only some sentences about me and my family. After many years I had possibility to go to english courses. Our tutor was very creative woman, she showed us many interesting sites and helped to pass test. My score was - Independent user...But any way I could not speak easily, my vocabulary was too short. When I wanted to say something, I translated it from my native language. And surprisingly I found a link to Effortless English learning system. I registered to 7 rules and purchased these lessons. I have listened them every day many times till now. Untill now I am obssesed with english,I love this way of learning. Now Im so happy I can write without effort, without translating from native language.Its the best way to learn english I had ever known. I listen Effortless English lessons while going to work, while walking in the street. Learning english this way became like a ritual. I highly recommend to try this method. Im sure, Aj Hoge, creator of Effortless English would say the same...
    Best wishes!