Active reading boosts English speaking skills

Reading could help quickly improve your English speaking ability. Try to make your daily English reading ritual that will boost your English. You can set aside an hour of reading newspapers early each morning. Plenty of immersive reading will help you collect new expressions.
Active reading is a process in which learners recognize useful expressions in text and then try to appreciate their usage and practice them repeatedly. For instance, the learner reads an English newspaper article on a given topic such as a nuclear power plant, and highlights key expressions. Writing down those expressions in a separate notebook is also effective. The final step is to read a newspaper in learner's mother language with an article on the same subject, this time trying to sum up the content in English while trying to recall and use the expressions from the English article.
Thematic approach also matters when it comes to English speaking. Dealing with diverse topics through active reading paves the way for boosting the learner's speaking skills that can be readily applied to real situations. Students should focus on memorizing entire sentences rather than vocabulary items. Some students still favor memorizing single words separately but I think memorizing sentences is much more effective for improving speaking competence.

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