How To Make Learning English Fun For A Non-English Speaker

There are quite a number of ways in making learning English fun for a non-English speaker. One of the first things that you can do is not to mind the grammar. A good way to study a new language is to know that words are the most important; grammar only comes in second. You can always communicate with the right words - even with bad grammar and construction. But if you have the perfect grammar but you don't know the words, you'd be left misunderstood.
Making English learners understand that words are more important can encourage them to speak more often. The best way to study a language is to think that way, and speak the language. There are many learners who fail to learn because they are too shy to speak. Encouraging them to speak with different talking games and speaking topics can help them to think and speak in English.
Kids, teenagers and adult learners love music - this is a fact. This is probably one of the reasons why a lot of teachers use music in teaching English because it helps in making learning English fun for a non-English speaker. You can also use lyrics as guides to help you establish a nice English conversation.
English music lyrics can provide learners new words and a way to remember them. Remembering a language through music usually works better for most students because they connect words with melodies, making them easy to recall.
There are also some learners who prefer to study both with visuals and with audio, thus the use of videos when learning English. Others may also choose different sitcoms, movies, cartoons and even movie trailers. These things make word association and word recall easy, especially for those who tend to remember things better through visuals.
And of course, who can forget about various games? A simple charades game can make students recall their vocabularies even better. There are also various games which can target both vocabulary and grammar.
Learning English doesn't have to be strapped to the books and lesson plans. With a mixture of conversations, games, film and music, making learning English fun for a non-English speaker is as easy as 1-2-3.

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  1. Wow cool Marek, i like the way you note that "perfect grammar without words is going to have misunderstood", that is truly happen to me also, even know sometimes. I am keeping struggle to SPEAK and SPEAK without thinking grammar. But sometimes i can elude if "grammar stuff" arouse in my my mind. Anyway thanks for sharing. Great post.