Top Misspelled English Words 2009

The year 2009 is finished. So we thought of taking a look back to see which the top misspelled words were out of our millions and millions of search queries this year. Thanks to all the bab.la users we proudly present our Top 10 Misspelled Words 2009 list. And just to give you something back we added our own mnemonic rhymes for you. Enjoy the list and don’t forget to turn on the auto-correct function in Word :-)
1.wich - which, witch. It doesn’t matter which witch you think you can see, as long as there’s an h or a t
2.advertizing - advertising: You shouldn’t advertise the fact that you use z where there’s supposed to be an s.
3.maffia - mafia. It wouldn’t be wise to double cross the mafia by using two f’s.
4.adress - address. A double d is what we need to see. Think of “please add your address” as a reminder!
5.particulary - particularly. It’s not particularly convincing when you leave out the last l.
6.belive - believe. You must believe that i usually comes before e, except after c.
7.awsome - awesome. If you’re in awe of this word, don’t forget the e!
8.wether - whether, weather. Whether you have problems with the weather or not, you can’t leave out a letter.
9.seperate - separate. If you separate the word right in the middle you have one e and one a on either side.
10.dogy - dodgy. There’s no dog in dodgy.

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  1. Hahahhahha..... it's so true, its a common mistakes that is not difficult to sort in this daily, even natives would have those mistakes...