How to write an essay in English

Essay writing is a skill you need to develop through patience and diligence. The word essay means attempt. So, the essay is an attempt at conveying your ideas on a given topic in simple prose which is clear and literary. There are several different kinds of essays such as descriptive essays and expository essays.
Essay writing cannot be taught. Actually every writer has his own style of writing an essay. There are still a few points a person should bear in mind while writing an essay.
Use simple modern language. Avoid the use of bombastic and archaic words. Also avoid the use of technical/business jargon which only industry insiders can understand. Your essay should be written in such a language that everybody- not just domain experts – can fully grasp the intended meaning.
Variation in the length of sentences is desirable but try to avoid using sentences having numerous clauses.
State your ideas clearly, but don’t digress from the given topic. Also avoid repetitions.
An essay should consist of a number of paragraphs all knit together. Note that each paragraph should be a natural progression of the previous paragraph and should give a distinct idea which is generally an enhancement of the ideas expressed earlier.
Proper attention should be given to the introductory and concluding paragraphs. The opening sentence can be written in a number of ways. It may directly begin the theme or create the appropriate atmosphere. To grab the attention of the reader, you can also begin the essay with an appropriate quotation.
How to sharpen your writing skills?
Writing a good essay requires excellent writing skills. You can sharpen your writing skills through reading and observation. Read all types of books, magazines and newspapers. Read at least five to ten pages a day. Read stories, articles, news items, novels, essays and biographies. Each piece of writing will give you an insight into the method of organizing and presenting the subject matter.
Be observant. Look around you. Keep your eyes and ears open and learn from your experiences. Personal experiences will give depth and a personal touch to your thoughts and writing.
The more you write the more you learn to write. You will not be able to sharpen your writing skills if you do not write. Everyday you must write at least two pages on any given topic. The habit of writing diaries also helps in improving your writing skills.

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