Best Way To Learn English- Research Studies Say....

In this post, I will talk again about research . I know this doesn't sound like a very exciting topic ;)

However, it is a VERY important topic . Why? Because independent research is the only way we can judge different English learning methods.

Everyone has an opinion . Some people will tell you, "You must study grammar". Some will tell you, "You must practice speaking all the time".

Everybody has an idea about the best way to learn English. How do we know who is right ?

We only know by looking at independent, test research. We must look at a lot of studies to find the answer.

When we do that, we find the following :

1. Listening to understandable and interesting English is the best way to improve speaking.

2. The Listen & Answer Stories Method is the most powerful teaching method to improve English speaking (and listening).

3. Grammar study and translation are not successful. Memorizing word lists is not successful.

4. Free, easy, fun reading is the best way to build vocabulary and advanced grammar ("academic English").

That is what the research tells us. How does the research work? Usually they divide a big group of students.

One group is put in a normal English class (grammar study, vocabulary study, etc.). The other group is put in a Listen &Answer Story class (also called "TPRS").

After 4-24 months, they test both groups of students. The students in the Listen &Answer group do better on Vocabulary tests,Speaking tests, Listening tests, Reading tests, and even Grammar tests. The longer the time, the bigger the difference between the groups.

That is why I am so strong about the Effortless English method. My methods are not based on my opinion only. I developed my methods based on the research.

Good luck with your English learning!
- A.J. Hoge, Director of Effortless English

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