Language is a weapon

If you are a mother or a father then you will know the feeling of wanting to give your children all you can give to help them become happy and successful later on.

And if you live outside of English speaking countries, you will probably want them to learn English–the modern lingua franca. I think it is beyond doubt that fluent English is a key to a successful career these days, regardless of where one lives. At the age of three to four, kids are able to learn foreign languages at ease that is difficult at best in their adult lives.

I believe that the above statements are trivial truisms. I also do believe that most people, especially leaders and elites, also know it. If this is the case, then every kid should visit an English kindergarten starting at the age of three. Politicians (elected by parents) should provide native speaking personnel to those kindergartens. Similar should apply to primary schools, as well as to other schooling forms applicable later.

But they don’t. Over here in Germany, only private kindergartens (that cost at least 1000 EUR/month) offer native English speaking child care. WHY?

If such an obvious need is neglected, then there must be a political obstacle on the way that should be clearly recognized and pronounced. I guess on reason is that language is traditionally being used as a weapon. Humans have developed different languages to know friends from foes, because looks often do not tell the whole story. We instinctively believe that “our” language is the most important distinguishing mark. For example, especially in Europe, if a person speaks with a “wrong” accent, she or he is instantly perceived as a bit dim. This is not due to the lack of a civilized manners–it is a natural, instinctive reaction.

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