How to Use Your Notebook When Learning English

When learning new words, grammar or pronunciation it is important not to forget what you have learned. New words and phrases can be picked up from anywhere: in your classroom, while taking online English courses, on the street speaking to native English speakers, with your language exchange partner, while watching TV or reading the newspaper and while studying at home just to name a few.

Writing these new words and phrases is very important to help you remember what you have learned when speaking English.

Firstly it is important to get at least two types of notebooks. One must be small enough to carry around with you. This is very important as you want to have your notebook handy to write things down straight away. When you get home you should then transfer what you have noted down into your larger notebook.

The other notebook is your main reference book. You can divide it into different categories like vocabulary, phrases, grammar etc. This part is important and should be done according to how you learn. The next stage is vital for improving your English and especially your spoken English.

You now need to put what you have written down into practice. There are two stages to this. The first stage is to create different sentences using the phrases that you have learned, writing these down using different tenses and situations.

The second stage is to use what you have learned in conversation. You should make sure that you use these newly learned phrases with your English tutor or language exchange partner, during your online English course or in any situation where you are in contact with English speakers. This is a great way to improve your spoken English.

The use of notebooks is highly recommended when learning English. How you use them is vital to remembering what you have learned.

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