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One of the most powerful ways to learn English is to join an English club. A club is an informal group of people who share a common purpose.

Because they are informal, English clubs are much more fun than school. You don't need to worry about tough teachers, or a lot of homework, or boring textbooks, or a rigid schedule. English clubs are a more fun and flexible way to meet other English learners.

I highly recommend the Effortless English Club because membership in the club is exclusive. Most international online English clubs are open to everyone. That means a lot of immature, negative, insulting people join the club. If you look on the forums of most clubs, you find a lot of insults and a lot of arguing.

What I love about the Effortless English Club is that everyone CANNOT join. The club is only open to people who first buy the Effortless English Club lessons. This means that only serious students, who are dedicated to improving their speaking, actually join the club.

Another great thing about the club is that the forums are monitored very closely. Any member who is insulting or negative towards other members is immediately and permanently removed from the club. The result is a club full of tremendous people - super-energetic, super-friendly English learners who are very happy to answer your questions, talk to you (on Skype), and help you in any way they can.

I highly recommend getting the Effortless English lessons and joining this club. You will learn English much faster, and improve your speaking much faster, when you join the club.
Click here to join the Effortless English Club

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