Effortless Business English

To learn business English you must use the same methods you use to learn English in general. In fact, the only difference between general English and business English is vocabulary.

So, learning business English is really just a matter of learning a specific set of vocabulary that is useful and relevant to your particular bsiness needs.

That's good news, because vocabulary learning is extremely easy!

Now here's the bad news: if your general English speaking ability is not good, your business English will be terrible. In other words, before you worry about business English, you must be sure to develop excellent general conversation ability.

Why is this important? Because business people are human beings. Most of the conversations you have with clients, customers, partners, and co-workers will use general English. Before you worry about the specialized vocabulary of your business, first be sure you can understand real English conversations and speak fluently.

The best way to develop that ability is to learn English with the Effortless English system. Effortless English is a unique system of learning that utilizes a listen-first approach and powerful teaching techniques to speed the learning process.

After completing the system, you are ready for business English. Your business English learning must focus on two activities: reading business books, journals, and magazines in your industry and listening to business news, radio, and podcasts about your industry.

Since you developed your general English abilities first, you can now focus solely on vocabulary, and the best way to learn a lot of vocabulary fast is through "narrow" reading and listening. Narrow reading is simply reading a lot of materials on a very specific, narrow topic... while narrow listening, of course, is listening to materials that all focus on a very specific narrow topic.

This is powerful because the more you read and listen narrowly, the more the same words and phrases will be repeated.. and the faster you will learn.

Another great resource for effortless business English learning are the "Success Business English Lessons" available from Effortless English.

By following this method of learning, you will quickly master both general English conversation and business English.

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