The Key To Speak English Fluently

In school, you learned with your eyes. You read textbooks. You studied grammar books. You took tests.
Most of all, you learned to think about English. You analyzed English.
For English writing, that is OK. When you are reading and writing, you have time. You can go very slowly. You can think about every word and every sentence.

The great challenge of speaking and listening to English is speed! To speak English fluently requires speed! When a native speaker asks you a question, for example, you don’t have time to think about grammar rules. You don’t have time to translate. You must INSTANTLY understand and reply quickly and automatically.
That is the key to speaking English fluently – speed.

The problem is - the learning methods you learned in school caused you to be slow. You were trained to think and analyze. As a result, you have trouble understanding quickly. And when you try to speak, you often translate from your own native language. Even worse, when you speak you often worry about using correct grammar. You are thinking, thinking, thinking all the time. This is why both your understanding and your speaking are so painfully slow.

AJ Hoge created the 7 Rules email course to teach you how to speak English fluently. The learning methods you learn in the course are totally different than what you used in school. These methods are designed to give you true English fluency. Using the 7 Rules, you change the way you study and your listening and speaking speed gets faster, and faster, and faster.

The more you use the 7 rules, the faster your speech becomes. Your English speaking also becomes automatic - and that is the true key to speaking English fluently. You speak automatic English when the words come out of your mouth without thinking. No translating. No worrying. No thinking at all. Just fast, fluid, effortless speaking and listening.
That is Effortless English fluency!
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