Tips to Improve Spoken English

Improving English language skills is a major concern for many people whose mother tongue is not English. Different people have different accents and this makes the whole process a bit tedious.
Pronunciation and the right usage of words often become difficult due to impact of native accent on the language. However, there are several ways to improve spoken English.

The English Learning Process

Some experts believe that there are 2 different kinds of motivations that inspire a person to improve spoken English skills. These are called integrative and instrumental motivation.
Experts state that instrumental motivation provokes a learner to pick up the language in order to attain some specific means. Integrative motivation influences a person to improve language skills in order to get a better perspective of a language, the people who speak it and their culture.

Sources to Improve Spoken English

There are several methods and processes that help in enhancing language skills. Relevant sources point out that if certain things are kept in mind during the learning process, then language improve considerably.
Specialists claim that comprehensive inputs should be referred to while learning the English language. The question is where can a person find such input? Experts point towards the internet as a potential source for comprehensive input.

There are several good English speaking courses that are offered to learners. Some of the sites are free, whereas others charge a nominal fee. Effortless English Course is considered to be a good course for people learning English speaking.

Observing and listening to good English speakers is a very important step towards improving spoken English. Watching their mouth and tongue movements helps with pronunciation and word usage in the long run.
Many experts point out that the radio is a great source to listen to such commentaries and speeches. It helps to soak in the right accent, inflection and word stress. Watching old classic movies and English documentaries is another medium that's more effective, as it also provides visuals to follow with the language. This makes the learning process more engaging and convenient for the learner.

Some reports stress that those learning the language should not try to speak too fast. Often it is noticed that when learners attempt to speak very fast, they end up using incorrect intonations and rhythm.
If there is a confusion regarding a certain word, its pronunciation and inflection pattern, the best book to be kept close is a good English dictionary. It helps to familiarize learners with a whole array of new words. Also, gradually a person can start picking the harder words in English language.

One way to check whether a person is learning to speak correct English is for the person to reading aloud everyday and record his readings. Once recorded, these records can be listened to again and again to check if the spoken English skills have improved or not.

Fluency in English might be somewhat difficult for some people to achieve. However, by following these steps, experts claim that it should be a possible feat. Patience and regular practice helps a person to improve spoken English to a great extent.

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