English Fluency - Learning to Speak Better Faster

Being fluent in English may be a dream for some, but there is a way to reach this dream quickly. Here are some tips for faster English fluency.

English fluency is the goal of many ESL students. They want to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with other English speakers without embarrassing misunderstanding arising due to poor word choice or incorrect intonation. Perhaps they have a trip planned to an English speaking country or they have native English friends or distant family members who are visiting. Whatever the reason, they want to learn English quickly and be able to speak it fluently enough to be understood. While it is possible to quickly learn a new language, it is certainly not an easy task. However, here are a few tips to help you with your goal.

Commit to Learning - This is very important that you commit to learning to speak English. It is a very challenging language to learn and if you are not committed to learning it, you will not stick with it when things get really tough. It is much easier to stay focused on improving your English fluency when you have an end goal in mind. That end goal can be anything from wanting to navigate an English speaking country easily to being able to make conversation with that English boy or girly that you like, as long as it motivates you to consistently study.

Immerse Yourself in the Language - Learning or improving English fluency quickly entails exposing yourself to the language as much as possible. Think about how you first learned your native language. You were surrounded by people who spoke it 24 hours a day 7 days a week. After awhile, you began picking up on the meaning of words and learned how to communicate. It’s the same with learning a second language. You should be reading books, listening to audio programs, and interacting with native English speakers every moment you get.

Practice, Practice, Practice - If you want your English fluency to be as natural and second nature as your own native language, then you need to practice it as much as you possibly can. A great way of doing this is to talk to yourself. Speak your thoughts out loud whenever you perform an action or have a thought. For example, when you choosing what to eat for breakfast, state your thought process out loud in English. This will help you learn how to convert your native language into English much faster and easier. This is probably best done in the privacy of your own home especially if you want to avoid being thought of as a crazy person.

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