How to improve your English pronunciation

It is time to improve your pronunciation.  Do you need perfect American or British pronunciation?  No.  
But you must have a clear accent.  You want native speakers to understand you easily.    Therefore, pronunciation training is important. 

**A Story About Pronunciation 
Jerry is from Taiwan.  He moved to Canada when he was 20.  He studied English many years in Taiwan. When he came to Canada, he had a big problem. No one understood him.  When he said something in English, people looked confused.  They said, "Huh?"...  "Excuse me".  
Jerry became very upset.  He went to an English school, but his English did not improve. 
Finally, he decided to study at home, using deep learning.  He studied just one conversation-- for 6 months.  And during that time he focused on one thing-- Intonation .
     That's right, he listened to the same conversation (on MP3)
     for 6 months! 
     He didn't just listen.  He also paused after every sentence and
     copied the speakers' intonation .   Every day he tried to
     improve his intonation .  Everyday, he listened carefully.

Jerry focused mostly on intonation -- the "music" of English .  Intonation is the pitch,  rhythm, and volume of English.

**Today, Jerry Sounds Like a Native Speaker 
Today, Jerry sounds exactly like a North American (Canadian or American).  His pronunciation is perfect.   When people meet him, they think he is American. 

**Learn Intonation (Jerry's Secret)
Jerry used two secrets - deep learning and intonation . He did not try to learn many lessons every week.  He used only one conversation and he practiced its pronunciation many many times.  He learned that conversation very deeply.  

And he learned the "music" of English.  He learned when to raise his tone, and when to drop.  He learned when to stretch words, and when to say them quickly.  
Jerry did not worry about individual sounds like "r", "l",  or "th".  And now, Jerry sounds like a native speaker. When you use his method you can sound like a native speaker too.

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