How to Learn English in Korea

Learning another language, particularly English, can be a difficult task for anyone, especially someone who is not living in an English-speaking country. However in Asia and specifically Korea, the demand for English is quite high. Because of this, there are numerous resources for someone looking to improve their English skills. With steady practice, a strong will, and determination, you will be able to learn English in Korea.

How you can learn English in Korea:

1. Enroll in an English hogwan.
Hogwans are institutes that offer instruction outside of public schools and universities. In an English hogwan a variety of classes are offered depending on your level and English proficiency. This is a big business so you will not have a hard time finding one in your area. See the Resources below for a list of reputable hagwons.
2. Become friends with an English-speaking foreigner.
Chances are they are just as interested in learning Korean as you are in learning English, so they may be willing to do a language exchange program with you. Instead of paying for their services, you will offer them help in learning Korean. Korea is a booming attraction for foreigners to teach English.

3. Watch English shows on TV.
If you have cable, you will be able to watch a number of English-language channels, including the BBC and CNN. Watch English movies as well. Try not to read the subtitles as much as you normally would.

4. Hire an English tutor.
Although this is an illegal practice for teachers in Korea, according to The Real South Korea website, private tutoring accounts for 33.5 trillion won, about 3.95 percent of the nation's gross domestic product. Rates for tutoring range from 20,000-50,000 won an hour. Meet a foreigner and discuss their rates and services

5. Find an English course online.

Nowadays you can find many good online English courses. You just need to find one that will be most suitable for you. Check what others people say about course that seems to be good for you. If many people already used that course and they post good comments, you can assume thet this course should be good to you too. You can start by checking this course that is especially good if want to start speak English fast: Click here to view more details

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