Learn The Top Method How To Speak English Well

How to speak English well as soon as possible is one of your goals. You decided to move to a city in North America and now it is important for you to be able to communicate with others in the city. You may want to study English to improve your social or business advantage. You know that it is important for you to become skilled at the language. You just must find the right way of learning English.

It is very difficult learning any foreign language. Commitment to learning and a lot of time is what it takes when you want to have other people understand what you say. When people are speaking to you or when you watch television, watch the mouth of people talking and try to imitate the movements. There is a rhythm to speech you should learn. Repeat and try to imitate the intonation.

During the learning process speaking slowly helps in learning the right rhythm of the language. Whatever language you speak does not have the same rhythm as another language. A dictionary show the correct pronunciation of words, so having a dictionary is essential. When you practice you find the pronunciation in the dictionary.

Listing the words you seem to have trouble with is a great idea. Then when you can speak with a native speaker they can check the list and help you to practice these specific words. This will be an advantage to your progress in learning the language well.

Buying books on tape is a great way to learn. The best way to do this is to listen to the tape and then record your own voice repeating what you have just heard. This is another way of practicing. When you compare the way you speak and the way the person is reading on tape you may be able to pick up some words that you are not saying correctly.

Another excellent way to practice is to read English text out loud. By doing this you use the muscles that one uses when speaking English. It allows you to develop those muscles. Pronouncing all the words carefully and every part of each word, your progress will accelerate. In recording this practice daily you easily isolate words that are difficult for you.

Immediate results are not possible as learning a second language and speaking takes time and effort. If you can find English speaking friends to converse with you will tend to progress much quicker. You must have the patience to persevere and practice.

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