Take A Free English Speaking Course Online

You might think that the only way you can take an English speaking course is to actually enroll in classes, but you can take such a course completely online. This type of course will help you learn and practice conversational English enabling you to carry on a conversation if you decide to move to an English-speaking country of if you want to do business with a company in such a country.

Speaking English is not just about using the proper pronunciation of the words. It is possible for a person to know what how to pronounce words and to read sentences, but if you do not know the rules of grammar and be able to understand what you read, you cannot really call yourself a fluent English speaker.

There are many free online courses you can take to help you learn to speak English or become better at speaking the language. While some people just want to learn English for the sake of knowing another language, there are those that want to attend college to gain a specialized diploma or degree that is only offered in an English-speaking country and others want to learn to speak English to advance their careers. Also, there are those who feel that only a course that charges tuition is of any value to them but this is not so. There are very comprehensive online courses in English that are completely free.

Your reasons for taking the course will dictate the commitment you make to the learning process. You should set a schedule for yourself so that you will have a certain time that you dedicate to your studying online. You should also vary the activities you do so that you don't get overwhelmed when you keep doing the same task all the time. This includes doing some of the listening activities, repeating the sentences, doing the activities and playing some of the games.

If you did enroll in classes, the instructor will use various techniques to help you learn and perfect your speaking skills. The same is true of an online course. You can take an audio English course in which you listen to conversations and passages on a wide variety of topics. Since the script of the passages is available on the screen, you can read along with the speaker and then record yourself reading the same passages. This activity will help you learn the correct nuances of pronunciation of the English language.

An online course also includes lessons on the rules of grammar that start right at the beginning with how to introduce yourself to someone else. This takes the form of short dialogues that you can read on the screen and listen to. Then you can go to the instruction on how to use the various structures and then to different kinds of practice exercises to make sure that you have learned the concept. The practice exercises for the audio lessons take the form of comprehension questions to make sure you understand what you hear and read.

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  1. Definately a good way to learn English - i totally agree - english is not only about learning pronunciations and words , but implementing them.

    Warm Regards Aakash

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