What To Do To Learn English Fast

Everyone who learns foreign language wish to achieve fluency in the shortest possible time. However, what factors are responsible for success in language learning? How can we boost our progress? Research shows that most English students have learning problems because of their psychology, not because of methods they use or teachers they learn from.

Those things are important, but Tony Robbins talks about the fact that psychology is 80% of success. Psychology is 80% of success, so 20% are the methods you use to study, the schools you go to, the teachers you have, the books you use. Those are important,but the other 80% is psychology, your motivation, your emotions, how you manage your time. All of these things are in fact much, much more important.

Enthusiastic, energetic and optimistic students always learn much faster and succeed. Students with the negative mentality have low motivation. They tend to be pessimistic and feel that they were not good at English. They think that English is very difficult. Therefore, they struggle, they quit, and finally they fail.

So very important is to know how can you manage your emotions. How can you develop that strong, powerful, enthusiastic attitude towards English, how can you maintain it so that you don’t get bored? So that in fact you get stronger and stronger with English and your psychology gets stronger and you succeed, you reach your goals. You speak fluently, effortlessly. Among English teachers, language teachers, this topic is called Non-Linguistic Factors.

One of the best experts in language learning Dr. Stephen Krashen from Los Angeles during his studies found that non-linguistic factors are equally or even more important than linguistic factors. According to the research factors like emotions, feeling about English and learner’s peer group decide whether the student succeed or fail.

To manage emotions and learn the language effectively we need to develop a ritual that we can follow every day. This ritual will help you feel better, improve your motivation and learn English faster. Every day when you wake up in the morning you must get into a peak emotional state. In this state you will feel great and learn fast.
How to get into peak emotional state? It’s quite simple. You can turn on your favorite music. Then move your body with the music, smile and shout. When you do this for about 5 minutes you will feel energized. Now is time to start learning English.

Remember, when you listen to your English lesson you must keep mving your body. In this way, you will maintain high energy. This approach is much different from methods used in most traditional schools where you must sit still all the time.

To have chances for success in English learning you must choose right learning method. The best are methods that let you learn while moving. For example, find audio lessons and listen to them while walking. In this case, you have a chance to improve your body and mind at the same time. This combination let you learn English really fast.

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